The Mask

Daily Draw: Wings, The Mask, and Blackbird

Today’s draw is about flight: flights of fancy and despair, flights of escape, and flights into the unknown. The wisdom is to allow yourself to move, whether you’re actually moving or just getting up and walking around your home space. Don’t get lost in the Facebook Syndrome of thinking that other people’s lives are much better than yours; that’s total crap and it’s manipulation (even if the manipulation is happening unintentionally, which I think almost all the time it is). People are putting their best “face” forward on Facebook, showing the good things about their lives and loves because it’s awesome and empowering to do that and I think it’s great. But if you are in a downward spiral, you’re not going to experience those feelings of empowerment or joy at the success and happiness of others. You’ll tend to see their lives, vacations, successes, and good things as evidence that you don’t have those things and are therefore somehow not good enough or are a failure. Don’t fall into that trap. Turn off social media until the mood passes and spend your time indulging in your own flights of whimsy and fantasy that empower you. If past pains come up, griefs and losses that you’re still processing, allow them to come. They’re hitting you because you cared, because there was love there and it’s worth it to celebrate that.


Daily Draw: The Panda Coin and The Mask

Today I did a different layout. Usually I’ll just draw cards representing the energy of the day and how to deal with it (and occasionally who a Helper might be). But today I’m struggling a bit, so I thought I’d draw cards to show what needs to be done today to help, and how to manifest that. And the answer couldn’t be clearer: boundaries. We need boundaries, people. Shields up. Don’t let anybody else into your sandbox; you can if you want, but you don’t have to. And if they’re assholes, they definitely have to go play somewhere else. If you can’t get rid of unpleasant people, put those masks on. Get creative. Have secrets, and share them with yourself and your secret friends. Play spies. Let your whimsy come out to entertain yourself during these hard and painful times.


Daily Draw: Aether, The Ruby Cup, The Mask

You are tenacious, my darlings, and that’s a good thing. Keep driving, keep digging, keep doing what you need to do. You’re like a dog with a bone, and it’s important to be that way. It’s obvious to anybody with eyes to see that what matters to you matters deeply, and taking that into account is valuable and even critical in getting to know you. But here’s the thing: be careful of the ways in which you lie to yourself. Be careful and aware of the stories you tell yourself, because they’re going to get you into trouble. What should be mastery will instead end up being an epic disaster because you cannot see what’s true: ask yourself, “Do I know what I’m doing?” And if the answer is, “No” or “Not really” or even “Not yet,” you need to go seek help. Don’t be afraid to get advice. Don’t be afraid to try that new thing, or that new idea, or even that thing that seems weird and different and so totally odd. It may contain the wisdom you need to move forward. Humility in sovereignty, darlings. That’s the ticket.


Daily Draw: King of Coins and IX The Hermit

Holiday madness is in full swing out there, and today’s draw recognizes that. It’s very clear that the thing to do is cut out as much of the craziness as you can. Disconnect from it and just don’t even leave the house if you can avoid it. Don’t engage with it, and if you have to, guard and shield yourself. Don’t get into it with your crazy uncle who likes to drink and criticize “them gays,” and stay away from fights about gun control and reproductive rights over the cheese log. Just don’t. Do whatever you need to do to celebrate the goodness and joy of this season, and enjoy as much as you can. But don’t be afraid to withdraw when you need to. Self-care is very in this season.


Daily Draw: The Mask, 2 of Vajras (Alliance), the Empress (Impeccable Virtue)

Happy new year to all my witchy darlings, and hail and blessings to all the Saints in all worlds on this day when we celebrate all that is sacred. Today’s wisdom is simple and direct: don’t get into any new deals with anybody. Not today. Save the wheeling and dealing for another day. Today stay within your own boundaries and nourish your own light, whatever that means for you: painting, being artistic, or just being a couch potato and zoning out in front of a football game — just mute the commercials — with a beer or tea and popcorn or chips or a tasty kale salad. Whatever you need, do that. Reach out to whatever brings you peace and quiet, and let the craziness roll on by. Don’t get drawn into anybody else’s drama, and don’t buy anybody else’s crap. Not today.


Daily Draw: The Mask, Grimnir (The Masked), Das Rheingold (Luster)

Shield your heart and stay true to your beliefs and what is real and honest for you today. Put on those masks that deflect evil and make it see only itself. Stay focused on what’s most important to you, the paths you’re on, and don’t get distracted by the glitter and shine of the larger world around you. That’s not your world. Your world, your truth and reality, lies elsewhere and it’s important to hang onto that if you can. There is wisdom and understanding and truth in following the lonely road, and those who consider you Beloved are there.


Daily Draw: The Mask, Skadi (Withdrawal), and Naglfar (Evil)

Well, that’s the thing about this Oracle of the German Gods: it doesn’t pull any punches or sugar-coat anything. When things look like they suck, there’s no mistaking the suck. So the theme for today is deception, the masks we wear when facing the world and when facing ourselves. When dealing with the outer world, having a mask on today is a good idea. Don’t let untried and untrusted people in your world see the real you because they will attack. If you’re strong enough to do battle, that’s fine. But if not, discretion is definitely the better part of valor today. Let yourself be shielded from what’s coming at you, and don’t engage it unless you’re absolutely sure you can defeat it. As for the lies you’re telling yourself to get by, those need some attention. The mask is becoming the reality and that’s a scary thing. Who are you when no one else is around? What do you tell yourself to feed the deception? It’s time to face that and begin to take that mask off before it becomes permanently attached.