The Mice

Daily Draw: Five of Wind and Child of Fire

Ok, so here’s the thing. The world is a scary place right now. Hell, it’s probably always been a scary place in one way or another. It just seems like there’s a lot floating around right now to worry about, to be afraid of, to try to second-guess your way around. We’re all doing it, just trying to find our way through the morass. Worries are nibbling away at our foundations, and anxiety is high because of course it is. Donald Trump could conceivably become President of the United States in less than a year, and he’s not even the worst candidate for that job. No wonder people want to tune out and listen to John Denver music for the next twelve months. But today’s wisdom is telling us not to surrender to our fears. Do something today. Do anything. Get moving. Let yourself approach old roads and pathways with new eyes because you might have been missing things all this time that will serve you well now if you’re able to start seeing them. Think: beginner’s mind. Think: tabula rasa. Think: starting over is a good thing. Nurture the fire in your heart, your own inner sun, and don’t give in to fear.


Daily Draw: The Crypt and Alchemy

Today’s draw repeats the same energy from yesterday; it’s still hanging around, that feeling that everything around us is in stasis or is somehow frozen, and that the changes we want can’t come soon enough. The idea today is to get creative in order to change things. Look around. What do you see? Write it all down. Take copious notes of what you see and hear, record the events of the day (people don’t keep diaries enough any more anyway), and pay attention to the small stuff. Break big tasks or concepts down in to something small and manageable. And trust no one’s authority but your own.


Daily Draw: Honeybee, Spider, and the Rose

Today, do what you need to do to take care of yourself. I mean, take GOOD care of yourself. Do what you enjoy when you can; try to fit it in somewhere, eat and drink well, and remember how beloved you are by Divinity however you perceive It to be. Avoid other people’s traps and dramas no matter how hard they try. Don’t get sucked into mind games or machinations, and for heaven’s sake don’t be a pawn in somebody else’s chess game. Pawns are the ones that die first, the cannon fodder in someone else’s war. Don’t let that be you. Go small today and see the beauty in the little things.


Daily Draw: Six of Coins and Page of Swords

Today’s draw is about give and take: helping where you can, spreading joy and cheer, and receiving the same when it’s given to you. Beware the chatter and gossip of fellow travelers on the path: they’re just doing their thing, and it won’t help you to buy into it. It’s not fruitful information anyway, so let it wash right past you. Don’t take any of it to heart. Focus on giving and receiving joy, and opening your heart to your true nature. As a former teacher of mine once said, “Just do you, Boo.”

The Muse’s Darling

Daily Draw: Orange Grove, Berserker (Aggression), Gefjon (Boundaries)

If you’re on a ride you can’t get off, take a look at what you’re doing, what you’ve agreed to, what it’s asking you to do, and how that’s affecting your significant relationships. Worries and fears are eating away at your passion and undermining the core of your agreement so it’s in danger of going sour. Don’t collapse into self-destruction, and don’t let the goodness in your life fall in the face of negativity and despair. We’ve been talking for the last week or so about boundaries, and Gefjon here is making it as obvious as obvious can be: draw lines and cut yourself apart from those who are not good for you. Lock them out and move on. Be determined and aggressive in defending your boundaries, and recognize when someone is throwing you under the bus.


Daily Draw: Green Woman, Five of Bells (Danger), Tara Yulle Gyalma (Irresistible Truth)

Today’s draw is a warning to take care of ourselves and get out into the natural world if at all possible. Health is at risk, especially mental health. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, practice being detached today: detach from your thoughts and see them from a distance. Don’t engage with them. Don’t believe what they tell you about yourself because depression will lie. It’s one of the worst things about depression: your own mind turns against you. I have been living with it myself to varying degrees since my late teens, and I know it can be a bitch. So it’s a practice and a gift to give oneself distance rather than buying into the madness. On an external level, beware what comes at you from the outside world. Let niggling worries and anxieties be cut away, and don’t put too much emphasis on what you can’t control. Breathe deeply and surrender what is outside your influence because constantly taking it in is doing some real damage to your psyche.


Daily Draw: 3 of Swords (rev), Thjassi

Today’s draw is about coming through needful grief and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a hopeful draw emphasized by the rune Dagaz, and even the pesky Mice charm is reversed, indicating niggling fusses being on their way out. Keep going, my dears. As Winston Churchill once said, “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.” Don’t sit down and cry. By all means cry if you need to—we here at Muse’s Darling Industries are big fans of the howling meltdown. But don’t sit down. Don’t stop. You can’t see it but you’re currently crossing a bridge. You want to get to the other side and you can’t do that if you stop. Keep going. Have faith, and if you don’t have any faith left, follow somebody who does. Hold their hand if you can, or maybe offer to help carry their burdens for a little while. Do whatever you need to do to keep moving, including tossing some burdens of your own (including some of those things you used to think of as treasures, because perhaps they’re no longer “treasures” the way they once were).

3 Swords Thjassi