The Mirror

Daily Draw: Child Spirit and Orange Grove

Today’s draw is about how best to work with the immense energies swirling around us today with the new moon and the solar eclipse. We often hear about these kinds of events, but at least for me, I’ve often felt confused about how to use or ride them, how to make the most of them in a practical, real way. So that’s what I asked about as I shuffled this morning, and what came up is the Child Spirit and Orange Grove cards. As you would think of a new moon, the energy right now is all about potential. Things are not fully manifested or otherwise in their final form, so don’t expect them to be. You don’t have the same expectations of a four-year-old that you do of a forty-year-old (although it’s probably reasonable to expect both to be wearing pants) — the child isn’t grown enough to be able to manifest as fully or powerfully as the adult is. So don’t expect your projects to magically complete themselves, or to be otherwise “done” just because you’ve thought about them. You need to do the work, experience what it means to do those projects, and work to get them ready for the world. The energy we’re in right now is optimum for that: set up steps and to-do lists, get through the business tasks, and nurture both your work and yourself in a good way (no beating yourself up or being a Marine Corps drill sergeant, please). Today is a good day to make your own luck, so do it by getting the work done and doing what you have to do to meet Lady Luck halfway.


Daily Draw: Ace of Pentacles and XXI The World

Today’s draw is about rooting those dreams and plans into something real and solid. Look hard at your resources and plans, and make sure that you’ve got everything you need to get started. You may have gone over this idea before — maybe you’ve tried it before and it hasn’t gone according to plan. But you can use those previous attempts, “learning experiences,” to inform how you proceed now. Listen to the wisdom of your elders and those who have achieved what you’d like to achieve. Take their advice. And don’t feel like you have to share everything about what you’re doing to everyone you meet. Keep your private ideas and plans private for now.


Daily Draw: Twilight, Aegir (Movement), Gullweig (Discord)

Today’s draw is a reminder that we have work to do and miles to go before we sleep—and that there are all kinds of dramas going on behind the veils obscuring the Other Worlds that we can do nothing about. We are advised to keep moving, that now is the season of revealing what’s hidden, and to brace ourselves because being able to talk to the dead through a thinner veil doesn’t mean that we’ll like or be happy about what we learn. Things change, seas rage and then calm and then rage again, and we’re at their mercy as we go; there are forces at work in the universe that are enormous and passionate and wild and really don’t care about us, at least not in the way we think they do (it’s not that they don’t care, really, it’s that the universe is VERY BIG and there’s more going on than we can possibly imagine, and we are small and for the moment attached to this one little planet). Do your work, do your best, keep moving, and don’t be afraid to do the inner, more emotional work you need to do to heal, because in the end that’s all you are responsible for: how you are in the world and what responsibility you take for cleaning up the messes you’ve made.


Daily Draw: Crowned Heart, Hrungnir (Arrogance), and Snotra (Virtue)

There is a LOT going on here today, my friends. Many old issues, old stories we tell ourselves about why we’re unworthy of love or why we’re alone or somehow unhappy are just that: old stories. They are self-reflective and self-referential, and it’s about time to smash that mirror in which we see only the harshest vision of ourselves and get some new data going in its place. It’s time to see what’s really there, to catalogue and try to understand where we came from and how we got where we are. There’s a reason we are where we are (literally), and yes, home actually is where the heart is. Things aren’t as bad as you think, and they could be a LOT worse. Let your heart be opened and freed.


Daily Draw: Aether, Berserker (Aggression), Nidhogg (Envy)

Watch out for how you manage how you view other people. Your connection to Source (however you view that) is sacred and personal, and yours is just as valid and good as anyone else’s. Be fierce in the protection of it, in establishing your boundaries and holding them. The work you do, this sort of cleaning up after other people … yeah, it’s exhausting and kind of gross. But the world would stop if you didn’t do it. This isn’t to say that you need to go on a mission of cleaning up after absolutely everybody; that’s not the point. The point is that it’s important to view the cleanup as just as sacred as the creation of things. Our biosystem would collapse without vultures and other death-eaters. Have respect for them. And have respect for the parts of yourself that aren’t socially acceptible or sexy.

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Daily Draw: Mercury Rising, Page of Cups rev. (Mengloth), and Aar (Far-Sightedness)

Today’s draw is a warning to slow down, breathe, relax, and take precautions agains harm. You are going places that may not be particularly healthy for you, so cut ties where you instinctively feel negativity. You are gestating something precious and it’s not ready to be born yet, so keep the end game in mind. Don’t just act in the now, for the now. Put your mind to the future, to what will be, what will come. In California, for example, the state is bone dry. We’ve had a terrible drought for four years, and we desperately need rain. So, what can Californians do to bring rain? Pray, of course, but that’s not all. There are people working as political activists to combat climate change in the policy sphere, and there are those who are changing their habits as best they can to reduce their carbon footprints. There are those who are cleaning up waterways and roadways, and others who are composting and home-farming and reducing waste as much as possible. These things won’t make it rain, but they will add to the larger effort to combat human effects on planetary systems in a healthy and healing way. On a personal level, the wisdom here is to look within to see what you can be doing to help yourself be healthier for the long-term. Your life is a long journey: do you want to be healthy for it? Start making changes now.

Decks: “A Curious Oracle,” Holly DeFount; “The Giants’ Tarot,” Raven Kaldera; “Das Germanische Götterorakel, Edition Roter Drache.”



Daily Draw: Honeybee, Knight of Coins, Five of Coins rev.

Transitioning from one state of being into another is usually uncomfortable and this transition you’re in has been no different. The good news is that this phase should be over (or over soon), and a new phase will begin. It’s been a transformative passage, and it’s important to watch how you take care of yourself now. Look carefully at what you eat and drink (and why), what your exercise regimen is, and how you balance the energies that flow through you every day. You are doing very well in developing and marshalling your inner resources; now begins the challenge of managing new and incoming external resources.