The Noose

Daily Draw: Green Woman and Wings

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it! And for all of us, may this new season bring freshness, new life, and new sources of joy. 

Today’s draw is a great reflection of this: reach out for the natural world today. Get outside if you can and let yourself float along the energetic tides of this Oestre/Ostara/Astarte celebration. Have a walk and nibble an egg, listen to your favorite music, and just flow. Don’t let yourself withdraw into escapist thinking no matter what’s going on around you. Problems will be problematic no matter what we do, and solutions or new ways of working within the limitations will make themselves manifest. Let go of anxiety and worry; it’s not useful right now. Focus on the moment and be mindful.   

Daily Draw: The Gull and Lotus Fire

Let your inner fire provide the energy you need for this journey you’re on now, friends. Tap into that sacred passion that got you here in the first place, and hang onto it when things get dark. It’s a journey that happens in stages the way many journeys do, and the stage you’re in now has either ended or is coming to an end. Remember why you got started on it, what made you want to do what you’re doing now, and how connected you were to it, how passionate and fired up. The journey might have taken some of that from you, so it’s time to get back to source. Take some time to clear away the crap from the journey so far and find your origins. Things aren’t quite ready to leap forward yet, so just let yourself rest where you are, even if it’s in that uncomfortable in-between place. You’ll be better for the rest once you do get started again.


Daily Draw: Earth 6 and Earth 3

Today’s draw celebrates our successes. There is a great deal to celebrate, but it’s also important to acknowledge the losses. That Noose there signifies David Bowie’s passing. He left us a great legacy for which we can be grateful, but he’s moved on to his next great adventure. Recognize what your legacies will be, and celebrate the good you’ve done. Don’t get stuck in negative thinking. Chances are very good that you’ve done great work in the world and made a tremendous difference even if you don’t see it. You’ve changed lives, lifted obstacles for others, and helped send out powerful positive vibes that have changed things for the entire fabric of reality, for the better. Give yourself a break. You cannot see what’s coming, and that’s as it should be. Breathe, have faith in the good you’ve done, bless those who have gone ahead, and keep on keeping on.

Deck: “Mythical Goddess Tarot” by Katherine Scaggs & Sage Holloway


Daily Draw: Eight of Water (Sedna) and Five of Earth (Demeter)

There is great depth and sorrow among today’s energies, and the sorrow is bleeding over into all elements of life. There is poverty consciousness and dearth, a sort of scorched-earth reality happening now that is absolutely at odds with the possibilities around you. There is abundance as a part of life itself, and it’s important to face that in order for you to live, some things must die. There is nothing any of us can do about that. If we would survive here in this life, other beings cannot survive, whether we’re talking about the spider who drowns in your shower or the insects that splat into your windshield or the food you eat or the leather on your feet. The important thing is not to try to live without killing things — a life without action and engagement is not worth living — the important thing is to bring reverence and honor to all your activities, to recognize that you and I and all of us are part of a cycle of life and death and rebirth, and that just as we feed on the abundance provided by other beings, we will provide abundance for other beings when it is our turn to die. We are all a part of the Great Cycle, and it is a sacred and holy thing. Honor the meals on your plate, whether animals died to feed you or not; the sacrifice of the green world is no less than the sacrifice of the mammalian or pescatorian. Honor the money you bring in, and be generous where you can to keep the cycle of abundance flowing. You can’t take anything with you when you die into the next life, so what you leave behind, your legacy, is what matters.


Daily Draw: The Mask, 2 of Vajras (Alliance), the Empress (Impeccable Virtue)

Happy new year to all my witchy darlings, and hail and blessings to all the Saints in all worlds on this day when we celebrate all that is sacred. Today’s wisdom is simple and direct: don’t get into any new deals with anybody. Not today. Save the wheeling and dealing for another day. Today stay within your own boundaries and nourish your own light, whatever that means for you: painting, being artistic, or just being a couch potato and zoning out in front of a football game — just mute the commercials — with a beer or tea and popcorn or chips or a tasty kale salad. Whatever you need, do that. Reach out to whatever brings you peace and quiet, and let the craziness roll on by. Don’t get drawn into anybody else’s drama, and don’t buy anybody else’s crap. Not today.


Daily Draw: Honeybee, Knight of Coins, Five of Coins rev.

Transitioning from one state of being into another is usually uncomfortable and this transition you’re in has been no different. The good news is that this phase should be over (or over soon), and a new phase will begin. It’s been a transformative passage, and it’s important to watch how you take care of yourself now. Look carefully at what you eat and drink (and why), what your exercise regimen is, and how you balance the energies that flow through you every day. You are doing very well in developing and marshalling your inner resources; now begins the challenge of managing new and incoming external resources.


Daily Draw: 10 of Coins (rev) Bestla & The Sword

Today’s draw shows a LOT going on, but it’s really very simple. You need to start making some choices. Don’t be afraid or held back by worry about what you will lose. That will only make things worse (and whatever grief you feel at losing whatever option you move away from will pass). It’s time to start deciding. Cut away what’s getting in the way of seeing your options clearly, then make the best decision you can in the moment. Be direct and honest, and don’t be a martyr. Spend time on yourself today, but not in the “spa retreat” sense. Set aside some time to be militant and direct about formulating your plans for moving forward with your dreams–well, your dream, actually. Pick one. Decide. Then go for it!