The Other

Daily Draw: Green Woman, Surt (Destruction), The Devil (Fenris)

The forces of negativity that you’re up against are formidable, and it’s important to not take them lightly. Keep your focus, though, and be strong. Face your fears, and be guided by the light of your heart. Now, having said all that, let me also say that sometimes there are Things out there that you can’t defeat or avoid. You’re going to have to do battle. We can’t let somebody else do all the fighting or just pretend that the fights don’t exist. They do. Our lives are at stake, and if you want to keep a grip on the good life for yourself and others, you’re going to have to fight for it–not fight just to keep what’s comfortable and cushy for yourself, but fight to end the sources of negativity and evil that are trying to take the good life away. Do you remember that scene in “The Lord of the Rings” in which Frodo is facing Shelob in her lair, and the only thing he has is the vial from Galadriel and his own courage? Yeah, that’s us right now. We’re facing Shelobs out in the world all over the place, and all we have is faith and our own courage and a little bit of magic. Don’t back down. Let the purity and beauty of your courage and your faith in what’s good and right blaze forth and drive evil back to where it came from.


Daily Draw: 3 of Coins (Hrimthurs) & 4 of Coins (Fafnir)

Today’s draw is all about doing the work and getting it done. It’s easy when you’ve been working hard to see only the work, to think it will never end, to think maybe you’re stuck in a certain way of doing things and that’s just how it is. It’s also easy to think that the world is balanced on a good-versus-evil axis, and if something bad happens to you, you must have done something wrong, or maybe somebody’s out to get you, or somehow the gods hate you. But no, They don’t, and it’s not a good use of your brain power to waste time thinking They do, or that somehow They’ve got it in for you, or whatever other processes happen when we go through a run of bad luck. The truth according to this draw is that if you focus too hard on the details, you will lose sight not only of the bigger picture, but also of ways to help and protect yourself that you really need right now. Working hard on this plane translates into working hard on That plane, the Spiritual plane, and doing good for yourself and others Over There translates into doing good for yourself and others on this plane. Divine Justice is not the same as human justice, so don’t expect it to be. Sometimes sacrifices aren’t rewarded on this plane or That one, at least not in the way we’d like them to be, and you have to just let them be “Learning Experiences” in the process of getting the work done. Keep those boundaries up, keep one eye on the skies, and git ‘er done.


Daily Draw: Tree, The Sword, & Honeybee

Today’s draw is a special admonition to recognize your innate, inborn authority and to act on it. You have every right to hold your head high, so do that. You are winning whether you recognize it or not, but you need to pay attention to what is not obvious. Ask yourself what you’re not seeing, what you’re not recognizing. Share your good fortune with others, but keep your shields up. There is a very fine line between sharing what you have with others and giving everything away. You don’t want to give it all away. Let others give back to you, and let yourself be recognized for the good you do. Now is a moment for flow, so receive as well as you give.


Daily Draw: White Queen and The Anchor

Today’s draw is about keeping up the good work. I mean, there’s a WHOLE LOT going on here, but if I were to boil it down to one simple phrase, it would be to keep doing what you’re doing. You’ve made choices in your past and they’ve brought you to where you are now, for good or ill. It’s ok to review those changes and make sure that if they brought about negative consequences you learn from them, but it’s important to not live in the past. Make creative fodder out of your history. Use it to build something great in the now. Use it to protect and shield yourself from future harm. And if you’ve lost something recently, something you thought was important, let it go for now. Chances are that it was filtered away by the grand flow of things for a reason. If it is meant to be, it will be brought back to you (it or something similar). But for now, release it and focus forward. Manifest your dreams and plans today. Forward. Now. And if you need to set something on fire to do so (metaphorically, of course, unless you are using all proper fire-safety techniques), go for it. Flame on, you darlings.


Daily Draw: The Owl & Twilight

Today’s draw indicates that messages are coming in from ALL over the place, and it’s important to use our discernment to know first of all which ones to listen to and secondly which ones to act on. Take it slow, and don’t immediately leap to action just because somebody tells you to. There is still much that is hidden right now, and you can only move forward a small bit at a time. Do so with passion, though–as much as you can muster. Also be aware (if you’re not already, and you probably are) that you’re in the midst of a big transformation, whether outward or inward (or both), so be gentle with yourself. Seriously, go slow, even if you go passionately. Remember to breathe, and listen.


Daily Draw: Gargoyle (Guardian) and Moonrise (Illumination)

Today’s draw is a complex combination of shedding light and walking in mystery. You, we, are in phases right now of opening doors and discovering secrets, and while it’s important to be careful while we do so (anybody who has ever seen a teen-horror flick can tell you that you don’t walk down a staircase into a dark basement without a powerful flashlight, a fully loaded shotgun, a flamethrower, and a SWAT unit), it’s important also to remember that we are not alone. We are guarded and protected by those Ancestors and guides who walk with us, and those gods we worship (whatever form They may take). Everything comes and goes according to its season, and everything flows and ebbs according to tides that we don’t always understand. But understanding is coming today, if you’ll just let yourself be guided by intuition. Just don’t do what everybody else is doing just because they’re doing it. Also take some time to unwind. And Happy Pride Weekend!!


Daily Draw: 8 of Swords (rev), Geirrod & Loki

Today’s draw is one of those cards that actually brings good news when reversed: the cage is open and you’re free. You’ve passed the test. You did well on your initiation, and now is the time to focus forward powerfully with this once-in-a-lifetime beginner’s enthusiasm and momentum. If you’re not feeling this right now, and we here at Muse’s Darling Industries have many friends who are suffering with difficult circumstances at present, The Mirror and The Spur are suggestions that you see yourself the way the world sees you (which is fabulous, of course), and to leap to action fueled by their faith in you if you cannot find faith in yourself. Today is a day of action and momentum, so take advantage of it whether you fly with your own wings or hitch a ride on someone else’s. Be sure to pay for your passage, though, if you do let others carry you. Practice mad graditude today, my dears.

8 of Swords Geirrod & Loki

Daily Draw: XIX The Sun (rev), Sunna

Today’s draw is another warning about walking through darkness and depression, and also being careful about the face you show the world. The card is The Sun reversed, so naturally there’s darkness involved. You’re not seeing as clearly as you maybe think you are. The rune for today is Hagalaz, and there’s a whole mess of charms that came out in today’s draw: The Peace Sign, The Dog, The Sun, The Magic Wand, The Mask, The Other, and The Man. To make sense out of all of it, focus on clarity as much as you can. Be honest and ethical, and reach out if you need help. Be wary with your trust and make sure people earn it before you give it to them. And keep your shields up—there are people out there who persist in engaging with dark magic, and you don’t want to have anything to do with them or their Karma.

XIX Sunna

Daily Draw: 10 of Wands (Rym)

Today’s draw is about overwhelming burdens and coming to the end of a period of great trial; the burdens of the 10 of Wands have been blinding and often not of one’s own making, but we carry them to help someone else. The rune Dagaz signifies both significant transformation and the light at the end of a very long tunnel. We have been strengthened by this journey, and we’ve sacrificed a lot. Now is the time to start looking for what can be let go of without dishonoring self or others; what can be released gently and with respect? You don’t have to drop it like it’s hot, but you also don’t need to keep carrying it.

10 Wands Rym

Daily Draw: King of Swords (Thrym)

Today’s draw is the King of Swords (Thrym) with the rune Perthro, the Lenormand cards The Birds and The Child, and the charms The Plate, The Handcuffs, and The Other. Watch your speech today, my friends. Keep it necessary and clear, and avoid gossip and chatter because those things will get you into trouble whether you know it or not. Your sources of nourishment right now are deep and old–feed yourself well, with good material and elements that are rich and foundational (in other words, no crap TV, no tabloids, no fast food). This is a long-term process you’re going through, so respect it and respect yourself by letting yourself go deep today. (Decks are The Giants’ Tarot by Raven Kaldera and The Revolutionary Lenormand by Carrie Paris and Roz Foster. Runes are my own, and charms are my own and Carrie’s Magpie Oracle II.)

King Swords Thrym