The Owl

Daily Draw: Ten of Fire (rev) and Maiden of Seas

The world outside is crazy-making. This is known, Khaleesi. Trying to figure everything out before taking a step isn’t a good idea right now. Instead, now is the time for letting yourself figure it all out as you go. This is definitely an “on the job training” situation — and that’s ok. Sometimes that’s how it goes. We figure out what works and what doesn’t by doing things and experiencing the consequences of our choices. You also don’t have to be in charge, making the decisions for everybody else. Let yourself be a follower for a little while, just until you get some more experience under your belt and have a better idea of where you are and what you’re doing, and most importantly what you want to do from here. Beginner’s Mind is an awesome thing because we can learn new skills, information, and ways of thinking without any preconceived ideas. We can learn according to our own best way, not according to someone else’s rules.


Daily Draw: The Owl and Child Spirit

Today’s draw requires us to pay attention, but to do so with the wonder and honesty of a child. Our Inner Child. Let that child see through your eyes today. Let Her out to play in the rain (or whatever the weather is where you are). You will find the answers you’re looking for when you let go of adult cynicism, which may be perfectly justified, don’t get me wrong, there’s no judgment here — just let go of it for a little while, and let the playfulness and open-eyed, slack-jawed wowser-ness of a child experiencing life come out. See different. Experience different. Listen different.


Daily Draw: Green Woman, The Sword, The Owl

Today’s draw is a reminder to get out into the natural world. Listen to the movement of things, the flow all around you. Here in the Northern Hemisphere it’s winter, which means that not a whole lot is growing right now. Members of the Green World are asleep underground, keeping their energies stored for the coming spring. This is good for us to do as well: use this season to draw inward and create. Play when and where we can, letting ourselves breathe and be free of our adult responsibilities every now and again. Engage in those creative activities you used to love, or find new ones. Things are tough right now — they’re tough for many many people. I was reading an article on the Wall Street Journal web site this morning that another market correction is coming this year (because apparently we didn’t learn the lessons from the 2008 recession well enough). It’s important to prepare for these things, but it’s also important to not let the bad news make us too crazy. Try to stay even-keeled, even if there’s a storm raging around you. Those stones the universe is hurling at you right now contain the seeds of gifts and wisdom you’ll need later on. So duck, but don’t curse the storm.


Daily Draw: The Sun (Sunna) and The Devil (Fenris)

Today is about light and darkness, and both are working for you. The challenge is to learn how to take best advantage of both. The light of the sun is on its way back; next week is the Winter Solstice marking the return of the light to the northern hemisphere. But the darkness isn’t done with us yet, and that’s ok. There is work to be done and we still can’t see where we’re going–and it may even feel like we’re not going anywhere yet. But there is an entire world of potential in the seeds that lie beneath the surface of the earth, still in darkness themselves, and they’re waiting for that precious sunlight to warm the ground where they lie so that they can begin to grow and manifest. You’re not done wishing yet, and it’s important to remember to work toward making your wishes and dreams a reality. Don’t lose heart, though, and focus where you can on the return of the light, even if you’re still surrounded by the dark. Try to make friends with it while it’s around: you never know what you’ll learn or how that will help you in the future.


Daily Draw: Prince and Dilettante

There’s so much to be wary of here, my friends, but the bottom line is this: you are on a path of leadership and learning, but you’re not there yet. Don’t be all acting like you’re the King when in fact you’re still the Prince. Don’t get into debt against future earnings that you haven’t earned yet (in other words, watch it with the credit cards), and be studious and careful about where you’re headed. Learn what it takes to be a leader. Being a King (or Queen, of course) is much, much more than just wearing a crown. You take on the responsibility for the health of the land and all beings supported on the land when you accept the crown of rulership. Learn about that land. Learn about the people. Learn about the beings who can’t speak for themselves, at least in human tongues (the animals, the plants and trees, the insects, the waters and everything that lives in them, the birds). Wherever you’re headed, do your homework and make yourself worthy of the lands and people you would rule. You’re on the path and moving, and there’s no stopping it now. The flow is inexorable. So be ready for when you get there.

— The Muse’s Darling

(Archetype Cards, Caroline Myss)



Daily Draw: Five of Water (La Llorona) and Ace of Water (Face of the Deep)

It is time to walk away. Leave the grief and regret behind, because they are a burden you are not meant to carry. Let go. Let the Ocean have it — and yes, that’s “Ocean” with a capital “O.” Give it to the waters, the only element we have access to here on Earth that is capable of absorbing anything and everything and dissipating it. You are not greater than the Ocean, so trust me: nothing you carry, no burden you haul along with you day after day, is too big for the Ocean to take. Give it up. Your regret is no longer serving you (if it ever was in the first place). Time to move forward. Focus forward. See those charms right above the rune Eihwaz in the center there? That’s The Binoculars on top of The Stork. The Stork is all about new beginnings, and The Binoculars are about scanning the horizons to scope out the way forward. Go into the Deep, into the new emotional territory opening up for you, and release past pain and regret into it. Then keep moving forward and leave it all behind.


Daily Draw: The Mask, Grimnir (The Masked), Das Rheingold (Luster)

Shield your heart and stay true to your beliefs and what is real and honest for you today. Put on those masks that deflect evil and make it see only itself. Stay focused on what’s most important to you, the paths you’re on, and don’t get distracted by the glitter and shine of the larger world around you. That’s not your world. Your world, your truth and reality, lies elsewhere and it’s important to hang onto that if you can. There is wisdom and understanding and truth in following the lonely road, and those who consider you Beloved are there.