The Pregnant Woman

Daily Draw: Crowned Heart and Mercury Rising

There is so much hope and healing in today’s draw. We are all searching for love and acceptance in life no matter where we’re looking for it, and today’s draw reminds us to not forget to look within. Everything you want for yourself, all the healing and changes you’re working towards, is all being worked out in your heart on various levels. I know this doesn’t help much right now if you’re looking for a new job or new financial resources except that it’s about where you’re looking. Look in places that you haven’t thought of before — places you thought maybe weren’t right for you or that you somehow weren’t right for. That may have been true at the time, but things change. People change. We all can change. Don’t be afraid to ask for the healing you need, either, even if (and perhaps especially if) you’ve asked for and received healing in the past that didn’t completely work (or maybe didn’t work at all). Don’t give up on yourself, and don’t give up on your Unseen Team or their desire to help you.


Daily Draw: The Mask, 2 of Vajras (Alliance), the Empress (Impeccable Virtue)

Happy new year to all my witchy darlings, and hail and blessings to all the Saints in all worlds on this day when we celebrate all that is sacred. Today’s wisdom is simple and direct: don’t get into any new deals with anybody. Not today. Save the wheeling and dealing for another day. Today stay within your own boundaries and nourish your own light, whatever that means for you: painting, being artistic, or just being a couch potato and zoning out in front of a football game — just mute the commercials — with a beer or tea and popcorn or chips or a tasty kale salad. Whatever you need, do that. Reach out to whatever brings you peace and quiet, and let the craziness roll on by. Don’t get drawn into anybody else’s drama, and don’t buy anybody else’s crap. Not today.


Daily Draw: Gargoyle (Guardian), Loki’s Punishment (Guilt), Oski (Fulfillment)

Today’s draw is a warning to be careful at work today: shield yourself as much as you can against getting thrown under the bus by others or being the subject of their tricks. Don’t take on guilt for that which isn’t your fault. You are shielded and protected from trouble so far by your own good work, but don’t be afraid to move on if you need to. Goodness is growing beneath your feet and will be there for you when you need it. It’s ok to hide if you feel threatened. Let your sacred protectors do their job.


Daily Draw: Mudra, Draupnir (Increase), Swafnir (Craftiness)

Write or otherwise create about what you know, and keep your plans to yourself. You don’t have to spill your guts about every idea that comes into your head, and given how many others are grasping to take whatever they can from those who make right now — it’s a sad product of the society in which we live right now that people are constantly on the lookout for the Next Big Thing, and they’ll look anywhere and take from anybody to find it and make money off it — it’s ok to keep quiet and just do your thing. Let your light shine for yourself, and go with your own flow. Start stockpiling (for lack of a better word) your own resources for the dark months ahead. Don’t be afraid to go deep, either. Explore what’s available to you in the treasures way down deep. Something is very close to being born, to coming into manifestation here in this world.


Daily Draw: The Torch, Huginn & Muninn (Messages), Ran (Entanglement)

Today is a good day to sort out the things that are driving you as you go throughout your days. Sometimes we keep doing things long after the reason for doing them is gone, and waking up to that is important. Let old entanglements and motivations go. Identify them, thank them for their purpose in your life if you feel called to do that, and then consciously let them go. Actively look and listen in the natural world for messages that are coming in all the time. Be awake and aware of the world Herself talking to you, because she always is. New messages bring new life and new hope. It may also be a good time to start a daily practice of self-forgiveness for past and present mistakes. Be kind to yourself and pay attention to what you’re doing, because it is the foundation of your intentions, the power behind your prayers.


Daily Draw: Green Woman, Gylfi (Quest), Eir (Healing)

Today’s draw is very similar to one that came up four days ago, so something is coming through that needs attention. It’s time to stop and ask yourself what the hell you’re doing. Where are you going right now? What are you trying to accomplish, and for whom? Because you’re going the wrong way (about something). There is healing that you need to be doing, and many new things coming in. It’s ok to be ok about that–sometimes we don’t want to have hope that something good will happen or come to us because of how we might feel if it doesn’t. But it’s time for some new medicine, some new healing method, and the only way to get to it is to let go of the entrenched disappointment. Let go of the quest for someone to tell you what to do. Let go of the dream of rescue. Stop, look at what’s around you, and take stock. Move toward joy for yourself and away from what constitutes joy for others. IMG_3763

Daily Draw: Nazar, Hel (Death), and Wala (Prophecy)

Ok, yeah. Deep breath here. Talk to the dead, reach out to your ancestors for blessings and gather them up. You are protected by great good fortune, and you need to face those demons. Stand in courage and the strength of what you’ve learned so far, go into the places where your shadows live, and talk to them. You may not get the answers you want, but that’s no reason to be afraid. In fact, being afraid is absolutely the worst thing you could do. Let yourself feel how protected you are from both above and below, and face the dark with courage. Now is an important time to gather lessons from the dying year, to harvest what we’ve sown and to sift through what’s there worth keeping and what needs to go. Get moving.