The Rabbit in the Hat

Daily Draw: Ten of Fire (rev) and Maiden of Seas

The world outside is crazy-making. This is known, Khaleesi. Trying to figure everything out before taking a step isn’t a good idea right now. Instead, now is the time for letting yourself figure it all out as you go. This is definitely an “on the job training” situation — and that’s ok. Sometimes that’s how it goes. We figure out what works and what doesn’t by doing things and experiencing the consequences of our choices. You also don’t have to be in charge, making the decisions for everybody else. Let yourself be a follower for a little while, just until you get some more experience under your belt and have a better idea of where you are and what you’re doing, and most importantly what you want to do from here. Beginner’s Mind is an awesome thing because we can learn new skills, information, and ways of thinking without any preconceived ideas. We can learn according to our own best way, not according to someone else’s rules.


Daily Draw: Mimir’s Fountain and Tyr

Today’s draw shows wisdom and magic everywhere, but at a price. Now, this is ok. Paying for things is good. We value what we have to pay for, and it’s only fair that something be given for something received. Focus on what you want and where you’re going, and then go for it. Be willing to fight for what you want, even if you have to make a sacrifice (hopefully it won’t be a hand or an eye) to get it. You hopefully won’t also end up dancing through the remains of your enemies that you’ve just slain (looking at you on the right there, Tyr), but there is a requirement of somehow fighting through whatever lies between you and your goals. You’ve got to push through it, whatever it is. Don’t be cowed by it, and don’t let it defeat you. Keep pushing, keep fighting, and don’t give up until you get where you need to be to receive the wisdom and magic you’ve earned.


Daily Draw: Ask and Embla, Origins

Today’s draw is a reminder, friends, that we come from somewhere. We didn’t just appear here or wake up one day in diapers. I mean, the parent sex is all fine and everything and without that we wouldn’t have a suit to live in, and it’s awesome that we do, but there’s more going on than that. We must remember that we have deeper roots than we can possibly imagine as we’re running errand after errand, fixing this and paying for that, doing all these essential things for living here that have very little to do with where we come from. Now, I know that being a sacred, magical star being doesn’t pay the bills. I get it, believe me. I’m in that whole “need to pay bills and I don’t have a steady source of income oh my god you guys” space myself right now, so I understand. But I think I’m being reminded with this reading, and all you guys are being reminded too, that there’s much more going on here than just the bills and the worry and the errands and the taxes and all the other things we need to do just to survive. There’s more. So maybe spend just a little time today tapping into that Source somehow: take a few deep breaths, slow down, or maybe do an affirmation or two about the ancient nature of your ancestry. Whatever works for you to help you remember that you are more than your problems and errands. You are more than your to-do list.