The Recycling Symbol

Daily Draw: Ace of Pentacles and XXI The World

Today’s draw is about rooting those dreams and plans into something real and solid. Look hard at your resources and plans, and make sure that you’ve got everything you need to get started. You may have gone over this idea before — maybe you’ve tried it before and it hasn’t gone according to plan. But you can use those previous attempts, “learning experiences,” to inform how you proceed now. Listen to the wisdom of your elders and those who have achieved what you’d like to achieve. Take their advice. And don’t feel like you have to share everything about what you’re doing to everyone you meet. Keep your private ideas and plans private for now.


Daily Draw: Shape-Shifter and Dilettante

Today’s draw brings forward archetypes from Carolyn Myss’s Archetype Cards that are useful for us today. Utilize your abilities to weave your way back and forth between worlds, shifting faces and levels of connection and reality. Let yourself flow in between where you need to, and bring back the treasures you find. This is something you can do — we all can do it, to varying degrees — and it’s something worth practicing. Be prepared to go deep, though, and offer the sacrifices required for true learning. The shallowness of “playing” at any particular level can really damage your reputation and is bad for you on multiple levels. Superficiality is not your friend here. Don’t be satisfied with skating over the surface of things. Have the guts to plunge into the waters, and test your knowledge of the depths. (I just put on one of my mermaid pendants to help me with this, because it’s a struggle for me too. Yay mermaids!)


Daily Draw: Eight of Swords (Geirrod & Loki) and Strength (Nidhogg)

Today’s draw is about being stuck, but knowing how to get out of it … you just don’t want to do it. It’s an ugly situation all around, and you’ll have to break a few things to make good your escape, but you can fix those later. You’re strong enough to manage it, so keep your eyes on the prize and move forward. Use your words, your voice, and speak your truth from the heart. Keep moving, and do the best you can. Do the hard thing, and do it well. You’re going to keep getting goaded at until you do it anyway, so might as well do it and get it over with.


Daily Draw: Gargoyle, The Golden Age (Wholeness), Thor (Strength)

Today’s draw is a reminder that we are protected by unseen forces, and that it’s important to release worry and stress because we can be our own worst enemy if we let our tension and anxiety run the floor. Stay strong, and keep moving. Goodness is ours, and we’ve reached the end of whatever stressful situation we were in previously. Also your ancestors have heard your prayers and are working to bring about the transformation you’ve requested. Everything is in a cycle of sowing and reaping, using and recycling, death and rebirth, energy and rest—everything, including us.


Daily Draw: Crowned Heart, Hrungnir (Arrogance), and Snotra (Virtue)

There is a LOT going on here today, my friends. Many old issues, old stories we tell ourselves about why we’re unworthy of love or why we’re alone or somehow unhappy are just that: old stories. They are self-reflective and self-referential, and it’s about time to smash that mirror in which we see only the harshest vision of ourselves and get some new data going in its place. It’s time to see what’s really there, to catalogue and try to understand where we came from and how we got where we are. There’s a reason we are where we are (literally), and yes, home actually is where the heart is. Things aren’t as bad as you think, and they could be a LOT worse. Let your heart be opened and freed.


Daily Draw: The Mask, Skadi (Withdrawal), and Naglfar (Evil)

Well, that’s the thing about this Oracle of the German Gods: it doesn’t pull any punches or sugar-coat anything. When things look like they suck, there’s no mistaking the suck. So the theme for today is deception, the masks we wear when facing the world and when facing ourselves. When dealing with the outer world, having a mask on today is a good idea. Don’t let untried and untrusted people in your world see the real you because they will attack. If you’re strong enough to do battle, that’s fine. But if not, discretion is definitely the better part of valor today. Let yourself be shielded from what’s coming at you, and don’t engage it unless you’re absolutely sure you can defeat it. As for the lies you’re telling yourself to get by, those need some attention. The mask is becoming the reality and that’s a scary thing. Who are you when no one else is around? What do you tell yourself to feed the deception? It’s time to face that and begin to take that mask off before it becomes permanently attached.


Daily Draw: The Dragon, Two of Swords (Vafthrudnir), and Siegfried (Courage)

Today’s draw seems kind of simple: be fierce and courageous in pursuit of your dreams, especially where money and other resources are involved. Be brave and tenacious, and fight as if the gods are on your side (because They are). Pay attention to what you’re doing, and know that while you’re working it out out in the world, you’re also working it out in your own heart. Listen, breathe, and think about what you’re doing and saying. Everything old is new again–everything comes back around. Let the cycles flow. The Wheel is always turning. Oh, and also, heads up: here be dragons.


Daily Draw: 8 of Swords (rev), Geirrod & Loki

Take a deep, cleansing breath, my dears: you’re free. The doors are open, the gates unlocked. Justice has been served for whatever crimes you’ve committed, and now The Wheel has turned (and it’s in your favor). Do whatever your creative minds want to do, and go with the flow. Create your magic, and try to avoid the same mistakes you made last time. Remember that Justice is always watching, and nobody ever gets away with anything. We all pay for our transgressions, whether in this life or the next. So use this time to learn, incorporate what you’ve learned, and be better.


Daily Draw: 7 of Swords (rev), Loki & Thor

People die, my friends. Things change. Good things end. Bad things end (more slowly, it seems). Change and transformation from one state into another is the way of things in this particular shared reality we’re all in. There’s no getting around it or away from it, and while it’s good to let people know how you feel about them while they’re alive, it’s also good to let people know how you feel about them after they’re dead. They don’t just poof off into nothing once they die. They become <insert belief system here>, but they are still your people. So talk to them. They are changed, but they still are yours. Be honest and fair about your feelings, and speak the truth. Don’t lie, to yourself or to other people. Those lies you tell will come back to bite you in the ass, and they’ve usually gotten bigger and grown teeth in the interim, so just don’t. And when sudden tragedy strikes, and it does because #life , do the best you can about it, be honest, help who you can where and when you can, and mourn your dead with love and great respect for this crazy journey we’re all on together.


Daily Draw: 6 of Coins (Suttung)

Today’s draw is about the flow of karma for good. Do good out in the world, and the energy generated by your good deeds will in turn generate good deeds, and further good deeds, cycling outward and outward into the universe. If you are able to share your good fortune, do so. If you are like the poor widow in the New Testament story who gave two pennies at the temple but it was a richer and nobler sacrifice than what was given by the wealthy family because the widow gave all she had, do that. There is always someone worse off than you, so remember that. Momentum is carrying us all forward today–here in the SF Bay Area the winds are howling, bringing energy and new motivation from the west. Change is afoot (perhaps literally!) so roll with it. Be someone else’s lucky day. Give what you can, and give thanks for the rest.

6 of Coins Suttung