The Scales

Daily Draw: XVII The Star and Mother of Fire (rev)

As the news breaks this morning about the death hours ago of musical genius and icon Prince, the Star appears to remind us that life continues and flows into, around, and beyond even the stars themselves. We are all here, alive in this plane of existence, for a measured amount of time, and none of us knows when or how we’ll leave. Follow your light as best you can, and rage if you must but remember to not take your fire out on others. Be judicious in your dealings with others, especially in business affairs, and keep your emotional reality under good control as much as you can. Be guided by the cooler influence of the mind today. Think things through.


Daily Draw: Honeybee and Mudra

So, if you’re at all like me, you’ve been using this Pisces time to indulge in anything and everything food-and-drink-wise: cake, wine, french fries, bread, all the usual suspects, and of course sugar in absolutely everything. I mean, hey, things are hard right now and I’m a Pisces baby, so indulgence has been my middle name. But today’s reading is saying it’s time to stop that. That kind of ingesting isn’t nourishing in any real way, and it’s damaging to the body in ways that might not be easy to see just yet but believe me the damage is being done. Get back to balanced eating, if you’re not doing it already: more vegetables, more water, as many vitamins and minerals as you can get, and maybe even a little exercise. Make a game out of it. Come on, we’re creative people, so finding a way to make healthy living fun and engaging should be easy — or, well, ok, maybe not easy exactly, but at least in our wheelhouse. Take advantage of your innate creativity and use your skills for your own highest good.


Daily Draw: Green Woman, Surt (Destruction), The Devil (Fenris)

The forces of negativity that you’re up against are formidable, and it’s important to not take them lightly. Keep your focus, though, and be strong. Face your fears, and be guided by the light of your heart. Now, having said all that, let me also say that sometimes there are Things out there that you can’t defeat or avoid. You’re going to have to do battle. We can’t let somebody else do all the fighting or just pretend that the fights don’t exist. They do. Our lives are at stake, and if you want to keep a grip on the good life for yourself and others, you’re going to have to fight for it–not fight just to keep what’s comfortable and cushy for yourself, but fight to end the sources of negativity and evil that are trying to take the good life away. Do you remember that scene in “The Lord of the Rings” in which Frodo is facing Shelob in her lair, and the only thing he has is the vial from Galadriel and his own courage? Yeah, that’s us right now. We’re facing Shelobs out in the world all over the place, and all we have is faith and our own courage and a little bit of magic. Don’t back down. Let the purity and beauty of your courage and your faith in what’s good and right blaze forth and drive evil back to where it came from.


Daily Draw: Orange Grove, Page of Wands rev. (Aurboda), the Valkyries

Today’s draw is about relationships and what’s going on in your closest ties. Are those relationships not what you had hoped they would be, or thought they would be? Are you still looking for that one perfect someone who will “get” you? Yeah, ok, that thought needs to go into the Great Grave where all crazy relationship expectations go to die. And it’s possible that the relationships (or the ideas about those relationships) themselves need to go into the great grave as well. It’s time to see things as they really are. Only then can you receive the help your guardian angels (or guides, or Ancestors, or the Noodly Appendages of the Flying Spaghetti Monster) are trying to give you. They can’t help you if you’re running around pretending to be something you’re not. You need to stop, take a deep breath, open your eyes, see the situation for what it is, and let go. And the sooner you do this, the sooner you can get the help you need.


Daily Draw: Broken Wing and The Shield

This wounding you’re carrying is old. Very old. And it’s not just yours, it’s ancestral. I was thinking yesterday about my own inability to keep weight off–it’s a thing for me that I’m dealing with right now after a recent loss and regain of a big chunk of weight. Last night at the gym I remembered that my father struggled with his weight too, and with addictions and a variety of self-destructive behaviors that I seem to have inherited. So (of course) today’s draw is all about this: ancestral wounding that we are each working out in our own lives, not only for ourselves but for our people as well, both here (e.g., our children or the children we love) and elsewhere (e.g., our ancestors). I have also been thinking about the issue of race relations in America and the history of slavery, and how scientific researchers are beginning to discover that ancestral experiences get coded into the DNA of ensuing generations going forward–meaning that black Americans are currently processing the emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical ramifications of being black in America WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY processing their profound ancestral wounding of everything that goes along with being systematically enslaved. And white people who are not allies, who perhaps have a history of racism and white supremacy in their backgrounds, are processing everything that means in addition to their own feelings about the changes in the world. Today’s draw is a reminder of that: the web has been woven very densely around all of us, and being embodied in this reality means accepting that. You can’t escape it, even in death. Not here. So the thing to do is (gently) allow yourself to heal, and let what is dead serve as compost for what is to come. Let your scars tell your stories and the stories of your people, but don’t become your scars.


Daily Draw: IV God & Earth Master

Go within today. Examine your inner kingdom, your ways of doing things and thinking about things. Be clear about what you let yourself get away with and what needs to change. Be honest, and don’t be too hard on yourself: that can block growth just as much as being too easy on yourself can infantalize it. Concentrate. Focus. Seek symbols without to mirror what’s happening within. And don’t forget to be of service where you can. The world needs your action. The clearer you get within yourself about who you are and what you’re here to do, the better able you’re going to be to be of service to others who need you.


Daily Draw: Tree, Lily, Twilight

You’ve crossed the threshhold and are moving into new territory. This is great because you’ve been able to get through whatever the last passage was about for you. It’s done (although the door behind you is still open, so beware any tentacles coming through to grab you and pull you back in). Moving forward is all about trusting your intuition, doing what you think is best for you, and not getting frozen by feelings of being overwhelmed or frightened. Keep moving. You can try to peer through the dark–everybody does and it’s fine and normal. But don’t let the peering slow you down. Some things you aren’t meant to see. There’s a reason many animals are blind at birth. You’re on the right track, so just go and keep going.