The Sled

Daily Draw: Two of Swords and Four of Cups

Today’s draw is about the shearing away of what is over and gone, and the necessity of sitting in quiet contemplation while it happens. This is a natural process, an organic thing that accompanies changes between one state and another: what went before and was so critical at the time is no longer useful, and in fact may be weighing you down and causing toxic reactions in your new reality. Let it go. Sit down, breathe, and let yourself feel whatever is true at the moment. Do that meditative thing where everything just passes you by. Cling to nothing, and just float in the eternal now.


Daily Draw (Winter Solstice Edition): Three of Cups, Six of Cups, Page of Wands

Blessed Solstice, friends! Here in the northern hemisphere it’s the winter solstice and we celebrate the return of the light. Today is a day to relax and enjoy being with friends and family. Let yourself play a little if you can. Take deep breaths. Practice laughing. Drink deep, and release fear and regret. Don’t worry about what’s past and gone, especially as regards decisions and choices you’ve made. Let them go and draw strength from the conquests you’ve made over previous demons. Don’t let yourself get lost in nostalgia and daydreams about the past and what might have been. Let it all go and put your energy into facing forward and moving on. You’ve got adventures coming, no matter how impossible they might seem right now. So put your energy into planning and taking the steps you need to take to get ready to move when the time is right. And for now, let your hair down and relax a bit! Take a moment to acknowledge the seasonal shift wherever you are, and raise a glass to your ancestors. Hail, Yule! Or Hail, Midsummer! Hail, Litha! Blessings to you all!


Daily Draw: 7 of Swords (rev), Fjolvar

Good morning, friends! Today’s draw is an acknowledgment that there is information coming into you from everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Signs are all over the place, and you are encouraged to start noticing that. Or if you’re a seer-type oracular person anyway, recognize that the God Voice has got loads to say through you today … Note something critical there: the word “through” instead of the word “to.” The gods need your human mouth to speak through, so it’s incumbent upon you to speak the truth when you speak at all today. By all means, tell it delicately if you need to, but tell the truth. Don’t do what we here at Muse’s Darling Industries used to do because we didn’t want to be gotten mad at, which is resolve to just shut the hell up. That’s not useful and frankly it’s a pain in the ass when we do that. Stuff gets all blocked and causes more problems than it solves. (WO)MAN UP, SPEAK UP, and tell the truth about what’s going on with you. And for god’s sake use your voice for good. The last thing this poor world needs is another liar, even if the only one you’re lying to is yourself. Oh, and really watch out for those numbing-out activities (e.g., over-indulgences of any kind–those fall under the rubric of “lying to one’s self”).