The star

Daily Draw: Three of Pentacles and Two of Wands

Today’s draw puts us smack into the workaday world and provides a gentle warning that hard times — or actually, let’s not call them “hard” because they may not be, they may just be intense and occasionally challenging — are coming. Creativity will be required to find ways to work with that challenging energy, and having some kind of protection for yourself is a good idea. Do what you can to take care of yourself, and don’t lose hope. You are more than up to this challenge, and can totally kick its ass. And once you do, your confidence will be so much stronger when the next life-challenge comes along.


Daily Draw: Three of Wind and Nine of Seas

There’s an air of despair out there, friends, and the best way to fight it is with our own inner joy. That’s as simple as I can make today’s reading. Be strong in your personal joy, however that might manifest for you, and don’t let other people rain on your parade. Be mindful of where you’re going and where you are, and pay attention to where you put your feet. But as you keep moving on down your path, try to remember that there is joy all around you. Life is a burgeoning mess of a chaotic house party, and you can take part in it if you want to, either by yourself or with your crew.


Daily Draw: The Poison, The Compass, and The Star

Today I’m trying something new: letting the charms lead the way instead of the cards. I drew three charms and let them tell me what they’re about: there’s the Poison, the Compass, and the Star. So the cards speak to those three elements. The Gargoyle is the Poison, the Honeybee is the Compass, and the Anchor is the Star. The rune Perthro is in there as well, indicating emergence from the Well, but also the Well itself: magic, the depths of the unknown, and all mystery that can be explored through study, devotion, and sacrifice. So the wisdom for today is to watch out for monsters, either created by others or the demons we create ourselves. Block other people’s drama by staying true to what works best for you, what nourishes you both literally and figuratively (eat those veggies, people, or at least take a multivitamin!), and follow your own star, that star you’ve been following ever since you were little. It’s helping you more than you know right now.


Daily Draw: Queen of Wands and Knight of Swords

Get moving on those projects, people! Time to get moving. Use the energy of the day to move forward with all the things you want to do, even if you only do a little step at a time. Use whatever tools are available to you, and try to take advantage of modern communications (e.g., social media). Don’t be afraid of new things. And keep in mind: you don’t have to publish everything you’re doing as you do it. It’s ok to take your first steps in private. Wait to start talking about your process until you’re further along, ok? Don’t lose heart!


Daily Draw: Gargoyle, The Gull, The Jewel

Happy new year, my friends! This is the first draw of 2016, and it sets a bit of a theme for the year to come. We are all still in flow: things are still changing all around us, and we’re continuing on whatever journeys we were on before. It’s strange and weird and difficult to understand sometimes, but it’s important to keep our eyes on the prize. What are you moving toward? Do you have a goal, or are you just floating? We’re reminded that we could spend our entire lives floating if we’re not careful, so set some goals. Start small, and keep your goals and plans short, small, and as doable as possible. Give yourself a decent shot at success. You’ll get there in the end, and you have guardians and protectors that you can’t possibly even imagine, so relax and go with the flow.

Deck: “A Curious Oracle” by Holly DeFount

Daily Draw: Compass Rose, The Dragon, The Raven

To wind down 2015, take stock of where you’ve been and what the last year has taught you: who has helped you and how, and who hasn’t helped (and how). Pay attention to this information because you’ll need it going forward. Good fortune is coming, so hang on. Keep doing what you’re naturally good at, and pay attention to what “home” means for you. What’s the most natural thing for you? Do that. What comes easiest to you? Do that. Don’t be trapped by old ways of thinking. It’s time to break out of those chains. Have hope, don’t let go, and start planning your own 2016. Happy new year, you beautiful darlings!

Deck: “A Curious Oracle” by Holly DeFount


Daily Draw: Ace of Coins (Gefjon) and Four of Wands (Ganglati)

We’re seeing Ganglati a lot these days: that Four of Wands energy of creating home and establishing solid habits and getting those foundations cleaned up and solidified. It’s also the “silly season” of holiday madness, home, and family, and loads of attendant stress and anxiety to go along with all that togetherness. Today’s draw is a reminder to set healthy boundaries and allow yourself time to play because that’s more important than you might think. We need our whimsy, our play-time, and our current culture not only doesn’t allow it but actively tries to stamp it out. Work against that, my dears. Get outside if you can and breathe some fresh air. Set up boundaries to protect your inner child (or however you choose to think of this side of yourself that engages in sacred play), and hold those boundaries. The Sun, Moon, and Stars are all in alignment in this draw (check out the center of the reading; all three are there in a vertical row), and there’s a Tree on each card. Balance, balance, balance. Get some self-care in there amidst all the requirements for others. Get some play in there amidst all the work. And remember to be as nice as you can be to everyone. You never know who you’re dealing with or what they’re going through. Wish everyone a happy holiday season.


Daily Draw: Knight of Cups (Svipdag) and VII The Chariot (Hati & Skoll))

Today’s draw is about fighting for and protecting that which we love the most. Don’t be afraid to stand up and fight for your heart. What is most important to you? What matters the most? Don’t be shy. And be careful of just spinning your wheels. Make your movements count. Do direct, important things that will further your cause. Don’t just wander around yelling about how awesome your wonderful things are. DO something to push them along. Don’t get distracted or dragged down by details. Focus and get moving in a solid, directed way, and go for it.



Daily Draw: V Hierophant (Cybele) and XVI Destruction (Kali)

Today’s draw is about the path of the Hermit, about self-care and what to do to make it happen. Carve out time for yourself today, my dears. Go with the creative flow, however that manifests for you: painting, writing, building, sewing, or even just self-pampering. There is value in taking good care of yourself, and following the wisdom of others who know how to do that is a good idea. Watch out for the sturm-und-drang that comes from the outside world. Most of the time we can’t do anything about what comes at us from social media: the firestorms, the politics, the terrible events that happen outside the borders of the cities and towns we live in. It’s like checking WebMD when you have a headache and freaking out because of all the horrible diseases that can cause headaches (when you probably are just dehydrated). Don’t let yourself get spun out by the craziness of the world around you. Stay focused on the tasks at hand, and let the world do its thing. There are Forces at work in the world right now that have nothing to do with you, and while you may sense Their presence, They aren’t aiming Their work at you. Tend your own garden today.


Daily Draw: Lily, Selene (Full Moon), and Tzalolteotl (Sin-Eater)

Today’s draw is about digging deep through all the stuff we’ve accumulated along the way and getting rid of what no longer serves. This is also true for our deepest and darkest secrets, our darkness, what we are most ashamed of about ourselves. We can no longer keep carrying the wounding, the shame, and we need to let it go. We must be our own Destroyer, passionately and fearlessly examining everything that comes up for us even if it terrifies us. Nothing around us will change for the better unless we ourselves are willing to change. Let the rain come. Bring the storms. Let the floodwaters carry off what is burdening you. Release it, and yield to the not-having. Let your hands be empty, and experience what that’s like before filling them up again.