The Stingray

Daily Draw: Earth 6 and Earth 3

Today’s draw celebrates our successes. There is a great deal to celebrate, but it’s also important to acknowledge the losses. That Noose there signifies David Bowie’s passing. He left us a great legacy for which we can be grateful, but he’s moved on to his next great adventure. Recognize what your legacies will be, and celebrate the good you’ve done. Don’t get stuck in negative thinking. Chances are very good that you’ve done great work in the world and made a tremendous difference even if you don’t see it. You’ve changed lives, lifted obstacles for others, and helped send out powerful positive vibes that have changed things for the entire fabric of reality, for the better. Give yourself a break. You cannot see what’s coming, and that’s as it should be. Breathe, have faith in the good you’ve done, bless those who have gone ahead, and keep on keeping on.

Deck: “Mythical Goddess Tarot” by Katherine Scaggs & Sage Holloway


Daily Draw: Gargoyle (Guardian), Loki’s Punishment (Guilt), Oski (Fulfillment)

Today’s draw is a warning to be careful at work today: shield yourself as much as you can against getting thrown under the bus by others or being the subject of their tricks. Don’t take on guilt for that which isn’t your fault. You are shielded and protected from trouble so far by your own good work, but don’t be afraid to move on if you need to. Goodness is growing beneath your feet and will be there for you when you need it. It’s ok to hide if you feel threatened. Let your sacred protectors do their job.


Daily Draw: The Jewel, the Knight of Cups, the Three of Cups

These are hard times for many people, so it’s important to take advantage of the goodness you find when you find it. It’s also important to share that as much as you can. See the goodness around you: that’s today’s challenge. Where are you wealthy, even if you have only two pennies to your name? Recognize that taking time to meditate and get settled within yourself is important even if it’s difficult. It needs to happen so keep doing it. And don’t worry if you feel like an alien being: you probably are and there’s nothing wrong with that. Be lucky, even if you don’t feel it. Just decide that you’re lucky, and reach out to others to share that. No matter how hard things are for you, someone else always has it worse. If you can help someone through a hard patch, do that. Bring joy despite the darkness, and just float.