The Stork

Daily Draw: Mother of Fire and Eight of Wind

Today’s draw is a sort of stepping-back to look at what has come in recently to see what has been less helpful than you’d hoped. What needs to go, even if it’s only been around for a short time? Relax, breathe, and trust your instincts about where you’re headed. It’s ok to keep making changes on the fly — we all do it every day. It’s just that some of those decisions need to be more visible, more conscious, than others. And it’s ok to be confused about what you’re doing. Again, that’s true for a lot of people. Hell, we’re all pretty much just winging it as best we can. But don’t let confusion stop you. Don’t let yourself get stuck fiddling with the compass or staring at the map trying to figure out what to do next. Just start moving. If you find out later that you’re going the wrong way, that’s fine. You’ll just turn around and go another way. But get moving, and watch the signs as you go.


Daily Draw: The Torch and Mercury Rising

Today’s draw is a warning to not rush into anything without checking into it thoroughly first. Make any decisions you need to make after doing your due diligence, not on the spur of the moment. New opportunities and changes are here, but they’re not all good or solid. Some seem like great ideas, but they don’t have the groundedness or experience necessary to be the foundations of a solid life. I read an article from this morning about lessons an entrepreneur learned in starting up his own business and why it was a horrible learning experience for him. His expectations and the expectations of others were all out of whack, and that’s something that everyone needs to examine before starting in on anything new. Focus today on what works best for you and what you need, and let the outside world do its thing on its own for now.


Daily Draw: Five of Water (La Llorona) and Ace of Water (Face of the Deep)

It is time to walk away. Leave the grief and regret behind, because they are a burden you are not meant to carry. Let go. Let the Ocean have it — and yes, that’s “Ocean” with a capital “O.” Give it to the waters, the only element we have access to here on Earth that is capable of absorbing anything and everything and dissipating it. You are not greater than the Ocean, so trust me: nothing you carry, no burden you haul along with you day after day, is too big for the Ocean to take. Give it up. Your regret is no longer serving you (if it ever was in the first place). Time to move forward. Focus forward. See those charms right above the rune Eihwaz in the center there? That’s The Binoculars on top of The Stork. The Stork is all about new beginnings, and The Binoculars are about scanning the horizons to scope out the way forward. Go into the Deep, into the new emotional territory opening up for you, and release past pain and regret into it. Then keep moving forward and leave it all behind.


Daily Draw: Mercury Rising, Eir (Healing), Hel (Death)

Ok, wow. For real, look at this. Life and healing happens (on the left) and Death and submission to the great unknown happens (on the right). When I was laying out the cards this morning, I had a spread in mind for the general theme of the reading, which in this case is the medicine of Mercury Rising: the card on the left represents what actions we can take, and the card on the right indicates what’s going to happen regardless of what we do. So, yeah. Death happens. It’s going to happen and there’s nothing we can do about it. The Tower charm here comes from the Lenormand system so it means something different than the Tower in the Tarot. Here, it means “Authority,” “Governments,” “the well-established System.” And you can see that it is falling. Structures that have stood for a long time are collapsing, pouring themselves out into the great pool of spirit at Hel’s feet. Everything dies. Everything ends. But the Star at Her head is equally clear: this is not an evil thing. This is not a bad thing. Death is nothing to be terrified of. It is a process, the same as birth is. Recognizing this might make living life more fulfilling for us–which is what the card on the left is about: Eir is the doctor of the Gods, the Medicine Mother who knows how to heal everything just as Hel is the Mother of Death who welcomes us all in the end. We must continue to heal and work toward greater healing for all despite Death in our future (and for some, in our present). And the Hello Kitty! charm encourages us to heal by playing, by engaging and activating our inner child no matter what else is going on. Old ways have great medicine for us, and help us to understand in a way that our modern ways don’t seem to be able to that Death is what happens, and fearing It, fearing Her doesn’t stop Her from coming. It just robs us of the joy and beauty of our lives in the now.

— The Muse’s Darling


Daily Draw: Green Woman, Gylfi (Quest), Eir (Healing)

Today’s draw is very similar to one that came up four days ago, so something is coming through that needs attention. It’s time to stop and ask yourself what the hell you’re doing. Where are you going right now? What are you trying to accomplish, and for whom? Because you’re going the wrong way (about something). There is healing that you need to be doing, and many new things coming in. It’s ok to be ok about that–sometimes we don’t want to have hope that something good will happen or come to us because of how we might feel if it doesn’t. But it’s time for some new medicine, some new healing method, and the only way to get to it is to let go of the entrenched disappointment. Let go of the quest for someone to tell you what to do. Let go of the dream of rescue. Stop, look at what’s around you, and take stock. Move toward joy for yourself and away from what constitutes joy for others. IMG_3763

Daily Draw: The Mask, Skadi (Withdrawal), and Naglfar (Evil)

Well, that’s the thing about this Oracle of the German Gods: it doesn’t pull any punches or sugar-coat anything. When things look like they suck, there’s no mistaking the suck. So the theme for today is deception, the masks we wear when facing the world and when facing ourselves. When dealing with the outer world, having a mask on today is a good idea. Don’t let untried and untrusted people in your world see the real you because they will attack. If you’re strong enough to do battle, that’s fine. But if not, discretion is definitely the better part of valor today. Let yourself be shielded from what’s coming at you, and don’t engage it unless you’re absolutely sure you can defeat it. As for the lies you’re telling yourself to get by, those need some attention. The mask is becoming the reality and that’s a scary thing. Who are you when no one else is around? What do you tell yourself to feed the deception? It’s time to face that and begin to take that mask off before it becomes permanently attached.


Daily Draw: Prayer Wheel, Ten of Wands (Rym), and Bragi (Eloquence)

Set your burdens down. Sort through them. Look at them from a bit of a distance, and you’ll see that they are not real. Give yourself the spaciousness that comes from quieting your mind. Breathe and relax. You are not alone. Seriously, look at the photo here: There is a key right in the middle of the prayer wheel for god’s sake. How much clearer does it need to be? Your powers are with you, protecting you, marveling at you a little bit. Let your mind relax and be free of its constraints. Write, speak, tell stories about what’s real for you. And let your faith be your shield.