The Sun and Moon

Daily Draw: XIII Death and the Maiden of Earth

Today’s draw provides a startling reminder that life and death are in a constant beautiful dance, and that we cannot have one without the other. Death happens, and it needs to happen so that what needs to come forth can be nourished into birth — because of course what dies feeds what comes to life. Death is as much a mothering as birth is, just in a different way. We Westerners tend to cling to life so fiercely because we’ve been taught to fear death as a form of punishment for evil-doing instead of the natural and honored part of the Universal cycle of existence it is. Face the day as your own beautiful, charming self, and do your best to be alive while you’re alive. Try to enjoy yourself more and worry less about the challenges and burdens of life. (I’m actually telling myself this as I’m saying it to you because it’s very hard for me to do too, so this isn’t me just preaching at ya — I’m preaching at us both. 😉 ) Solutions come from approaching things with beginner’s mind, getting away from preconceived notions and fears and just accepting things as they are.


Daily Draw: The Cock and The Anchor

Today’s draw points to good luck and wishes coming true, so don’t be afraid to wish. Focus on your closest-held dreams and goals, and work toward them. Luck and good fortune will be on your side, and it won’t hurt to wish on a star or two, toss coins in fountains, and keep your eyes open for lucky omens. This reading doesn’t require a whole lot of esoteric explanation; the wishing well is sitting right on the Cock’s back, as if He’s carrying your wishes and dreams for you. The Anchor, Sun and Moon, and Heart are all working together to bring your long-term goals to light, so don’t be afraid to work on those projects you want to manifest. You’ve got to put the work in, though, but don’t be afraid. Go for it!


Daily Draw: Crescent Moon, Eir (Healing), Ran (The Robber)

Be careful today, my dears. People and other energies are about who would steal your life force. Stay close to your roots, keep your friends close, and watch out for people throwing their hooks at you trying to find a way to latch on. Shields up! Listen to the voices of wisdom and ethical justice and stay grounded in the truth.


Daily Draw: Lily, The Crypt, The Dragon

Today’s draw is about being in a period of rest after a period of activity. And according to some traditions, Sunday is a day of rest. So take advantage of it if you can. Go gently through the day. Take it easy. Don’t believe everything you see, hold fast to what you need and what’s true for you, and stay in your own lane. Trouble will come and go. The Wheel is always turning.


Daily Draw: Wings & Snowflakes

Today’s draw is a warning against slipping away into daydreams as an escape from whatever you’re facing. Don’t do it. Listen to the inner guidance urging you on: it’s the God Voice within you bringing you courage and strength. Face what you need to face as best you can. Be brave, take as many deep breaths as you need to without hyperventilating, and go for it. Do your work. Focus. Let distractions fall away today. Call on your protective allies to help you. There will be time to let yourself drift, to engage in fantasy. But ComiCon is over, and it’s time to get back to reality. Heads up!


Daily Draw: The Owl and the Broken Wing

We’ve all got wounds and we all do the best we can to either heal them or just move on with the wound. Today’s draw is about sifting and sorting through all the healing we’ve tried to do, all the information we’ve received, everything we’ve taken in, to determine what is of value and what needs to go. Gather up all your tools and information, and start sifting. As you do it, listen to what comes up. Listen within. Change is manifesting, so decide what you’re going to bring with you when the new you is born.


Daily Draw: 2 of Swords, Vafthrudnir

Today’s draw is about having faith in your decisions and going with it, and engaging that charming gift of the gab you’ve got in there somewhere. You will do well (and don’t be afraid to be clever). Be strong–recognize that your roots are deep, and don’t be afraid to take joy from what you do. It’s not going to all fall apart, and you won fair and square. Take some time today if you can to engage in your art, your creative mind. And remember this: in a pub in Ireland there hangs a placard that reads, “Tell a story, tell a lie, or get out.” Remember this when dealing with Celts today (and pretty much everybody is a Celt these days, so just remember it when dealing with everybody), because it’s not just a pithy Irish-ism meant to charm the tourists: it’s a bold statement of being and a nod to a deeply held belief in the power of communication and the web of connection. We all have wisdom to share, and stories and lies are how we paint the world for each other.