The Sun & Moon

Daily Draw: Eight of Swords (Geirrod & Loki) and Strength (Nidhogg)

Today’s draw is about being stuck, but knowing how to get out of it … you just don’t want to do it. It’s an ugly situation all around, and you’ll have to break a few things to make good your escape, but you can fix those later. You’re strong enough to manage it, so keep your eyes on the prize and move forward. Use your words, your voice, and speak your truth from the heart. Keep moving, and do the best you can. Do the hard thing, and do it well. You’re going to keep getting goaded at until you do it anyway, so might as well do it and get it over with.


Daily Draw: The Owl & Broken Wing

Messages are not getting through to you these days. Your wounds may be getting in the way, or you may be in too great a need for healing to hear what’s coming through. Now is a time to go within, be quiet, listen for that still, small voice of the Divine speaking to you. Breathe, and pay attention to the winds. Pray for healing. Meditate. Let go of old grudges and insults where you can, and pray for help where you can’t. Ask that the messages be clearer and louder so you can hear them over the noise of whatever else is going on right now. Trust your inner guide.



Daily Draw: 9 of Coins, Nine Maidens of the Mill

Today’s draw is about just getting it done. Focus on your jobs wherever they are: whatever brings you your resources, whatever you consider your work. Do that, and do it well today. Don’t get caught up in the details of the meaning of it all. Let yourself sink into it and become a part of the flow of the workplace (however or wherever that manifests for you, whether that’s a corporate cubicle, a retail outlet somewhere, or your workshop at home). Watch your coworkers–be professional around them, and keep your secrets secret. Keep your “nose to the grindstone” (see photo HINT). Also watch out for Tricksters today. If something goes wrong, practice laughing at yourself and at the situation. Take NOTHING personally. You can’t see how it’s all going to play out right now, so do whatever you need to do to make yourself look good.


Daily Draw: III The Empress (rev), Laufey

Today’s draw is about dealing with bad, unhealthy boundaries. Yikes. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries are rather terrible at boundaries, so when The Great Mother shows up to wag Her finger in our faces and tells us to get our shit together, we listen. Perhaps this is true for you, too: you want to help as many people as you can, you want to be there for whoever needs help, you somehow feel it to be your duty to be strong so that others can fall apart. But who is strong for you when you need to fall apart? You are not in a healthy space right now, my dears, and the world outside is NOT helping. People are being horrible to each other in epic proportions, and Mother Nature Herself is shaking us off (literally, in the case of Nepal). So take today to be kind to yourself. Help others where you feel called, but help yourself too. Slow down. Breathe. Get outside into the sunshine if you can. Walk around a little. Drink lots of water, relax your shoulders, and try to be present in this beautiful, painful moment.