The Sword

Daily Draw: XVII The Star and Mother of Fire (rev)

As the news breaks this morning about the death hours ago of musical genius and icon Prince, the Star appears to remind us that life continues and flows into, around, and beyond even the stars themselves. We are all here, alive in this plane of existence, for a measured amount of time, and none of us knows when or how we’ll leave. Follow your light as best you can, and rage if you must but remember to not take your fire out on others. Be judicious in your dealings with others, especially in business affairs, and keep your emotional reality under good control as much as you can. Be guided by the cooler influence of the mind today. Think things through.


Daily Draw: The Sword and The Dragon

Today’s draw indicates a manifestation of long-term ideas and plans, something that has been in pieces for a long time but is now beginning to draw together into a more visible whole. Focus on what you really want from your life, how you want to spend your days and nights, what matters most to you, and what constitutes prosperity, wealth, and a happy life for you. Don’t go by someone else’s definitions: define those qualities for yourself in a clear-cut and down-t0-earth way. Then see what you can do with what you’ve already got at hand to make these things happen for yourself.


Daily Draw: The Sword & Orange Grove

Today’s draw is good news: things are going well especially in matters of the heart (or with regard to projects we’ve got going on that really matter to us). If you look at the cards, you can see all the fours: The Sword is the fourth step in the second set of Holly DeFount’s “A Curious Oracle” reading system (in which there are seven sets and seven steps within each set), and the Orange Grove is the fourth step of the fourth set. Basically the cards are telling us that we are doing well as we proceed along the path of our heart’s greatest passion. Even if it doesn’t look like it (and these days, let’s be real, it often doesn’t look like much beyond pain and despair for many folks), still, the Sword is there to cut away all obscurations and blockages to our eventual success and the Orange Grove is there to remind us to lean on those relationships that are most harmonious and fulfilling for us, and we will eventually find our way.


Daily Draw: Mercury Rising and Spider

By the end of yesterday, I was determined to make today “Have A Donut” Day. I was tired and overwhelmed, and I tend to be an emotional eater. #shock #norly But today’s draw is saying, “No no, children, we mustn’t do that. We know better and must do better for ourselves.” We live in these meat-suits for as long as we’re here, and we need them in order to survive. We have to take care of ourselves, meaning eating well, getting some form of movement in (whether you’re able to run miles and miles or you’re like me and just doing stretching and gentle movements to keep the blood flowing), and turning off the electronics 30-60 minutes before bed to help your mind unplug before sleep. And water. Drink lots and lots of water. We all know these things — they’re inherent wisdom that we connect with intuitively because we’re wired for survival on a basic level and our bodies know what to do. We just have to get the Brain out of the way. It’s also important to engage in safety behavior out in the world: drive carefully, watch the weather, pay attention to what you’re doing as much as you can (that is to say, please put the phones down when you’re walking around and for god’s sake don’t text and drive), and pay attention to that little inner voice that’s trying like mad to help you heal.


Daily Draw: Wings and Lotus Fire

Today’s draw is an admonition to get back to work. The distractions are really not helping right now. You need focus, energy, and drive, and that can’t happen with Instagram and Facebook pinging away at you every few minutes. Turn the distractions off and think. What do you need to do? What have you been trying to accomplish for months? Do you have a plan? Don’t freak out if you don’t; freaking out won’t help. Just take some deep breaths, get yourself a nice hot cup of coffee or tea, sit yourself down, and get to work. Plan it out. Make lists. If you’ve already got your lists made, pick one thing to do, then do it. Work through it and get it done. Then pick another thing from the list and get that done. And then another, and another. You can daydream later. For now, you need to fight the urge to drift and stay firmly rooted in the here and now.


Daily Draw: Special Reading for Imbolc: The Candle and The Well

Today is Imbolc, a sacred midwinter festival of fire and the stirrings of new life, a foreshadowing of Spring to come. In honor of Brigid, the Holy Mother of Ireland and great goddess of fire and water, today’s daily draw is “The Candle and the Well,” the light we carry before us in the darkness and the source of our creativity. Our Candle is the Five of Cups, a card of sorrow but also of moving on. The wisdom here is to keep moving forward no matter what emotional waves are crashing around you. You can’t see the tendrils of life weaving their tiny newborn way around you yet, and that’s ok. It’s a time of unknowing, uncertainty about the future, and unawareness of where we stand among gods and men. Nevertheless we’re called to keep moving. Record the sorrows (and the joys), and bring them out to be heard and acknowledged. Let yourself write a sad song or poem, or make drawings that symbolize the losses you’ve suffered in your life. The Well is the Knight of Pentacles, the slowest-moving of the Knights but the one who most fiercely works to get things done. Direct your energies toward solutions because you have a deep well of them. Use your creative passions to work out how to use your immense talents, and let those swords become plowshares because plowshares are much more useful right now. Dig deep, and don’t give up. Listen for the voice of Brigid on the wind; She’s whispering power words to help you heal, prepare, and thrive.

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Daily Draw: Green Woman, The Sword, The Owl

Today’s draw is a reminder to get out into the natural world. Listen to the movement of things, the flow all around you. Here in the Northern Hemisphere it’s winter, which means that not a whole lot is growing right now. Members of the Green World are asleep underground, keeping their energies stored for the coming spring. This is good for us to do as well: use this season to draw inward and create. Play when and where we can, letting ourselves breathe and be free of our adult responsibilities every now and again. Engage in those creative activities you used to love, or find new ones. Things are tough right now — they’re tough for many many people. I was reading an article on the Wall Street Journal web site this morning that another market correction is coming this year (because apparently we didn’t learn the lessons from the 2008 recession well enough). It’s important to prepare for these things, but it’s also important to not let the bad news make us too crazy. Try to stay even-keeled, even if there’s a storm raging around you. Those stones the universe is hurling at you right now contain the seeds of gifts and wisdom you’ll need later on. So duck, but don’t curse the storm.


Daily Draw: Memento Mori, Apple Blossom, The Sword

Yeah, this is good. And just. And right that it should be so. Things die, ideas fade, people die, everything changes. This is the way of things, and it’s good. The year is coming to an end, and renewal is on the horizon. That poison you were so afraid of, that shadow that terrified you? There’s medicine for you there. Be careful with it, of course, but don’t be afraid. It will help you shed what’s dead and move on in a lighter way into the future. These new steps lead to that victory you’ve always wanted and hoped for, that magic you’ve wanted to create and become a part of. These steps you’ve started taking will lead to new and better opportunities. Keep going, remain on the straight and narrow path (no cheating), and stay within the boundaries of solid ethics.


Daily Draw: Knight of Cups (Svipdag) and VII The Chariot (Hati & Skoll))

Today’s draw is about fighting for and protecting that which we love the most. Don’t be afraid to stand up and fight for your heart. What is most important to you? What matters the most? Don’t be shy. And be careful of just spinning your wheels. Make your movements count. Do direct, important things that will further your cause. Don’t just wander around yelling about how awesome your wonderful things are. DO something to push them along. Don’t get distracted or dragged down by details. Focus and get moving in a solid, directed way, and go for it.



Daily Draw: Mudra, Eikthyrnir (Change), and Grid (Assistance)

Today’s draw offers us a chance to re-envision how we create: cut away everything that isn’t feeding your creative efforts because new things need to grow. Here’s a thing: we here at Muse’s Darling Industries have been beating ourselves over the head for the last four years for not doing NaNoWriMo. No more. I love that November, which used to be a month of remembering terrible things (the Jonestown massacre, the murders of George Moscone and Harvey Milk), has become a month of intense bursts of creativity for so many people. But I’m releasing my need to keep up with that system because it’s not helpful to me right now. So consider letting go of anything that’s not helping you develop new ways to let your voice be heard. Changes are happening big time in both seen and unseen realms, and hanging on to what doesn’t work will only make messes worse. Go deep into Mother/Goddess wisdom for help. Don’t be afraid to get dirty or bloody. There is magical work to be done.