The Torch

Daily Draw: The Torch and Mercury Rising

Today’s draw is a warning to not rush into anything without checking into it thoroughly first. Make any decisions you need to make after doing your due diligence, not on the spur of the moment. New opportunities and changes are here, but they’re not all good or solid. Some seem like great ideas, but they don’t have the groundedness or experience necessary to be the foundations of a solid life. I read an article from this morning about lessons an entrepreneur learned in starting up his own business and why it was a horrible learning experience for him. His expectations and the expectations of others were all out of whack, and that’s something that everyone needs to examine before starting in on anything new. Focus today on what works best for you and what you need, and let the outside world do its thing on its own for now.


Daily Draw: The Torch, Huginn & Muninn (Messages), Ran (Entanglement)

Today is a good day to sort out the things that are driving you as you go throughout your days. Sometimes we keep doing things long after the reason for doing them is gone, and waking up to that is important. Let old entanglements and motivations go. Identify them, thank them for their purpose in your life if you feel called to do that, and then consciously let them go. Actively look and listen in the natural world for messages that are coming in all the time. Be awake and aware of the world Herself talking to you, because she always is. New messages bring new life and new hope. It may also be a good time to start a daily practice of self-forgiveness for past and present mistakes. Be kind to yourself and pay attention to what you’re doing, because it is the foundation of your intentions, the power behind your prayers.


Daily Draw: The Torch & The Owl

You’re too open right now. Practice whatever you know how to do to protect yourself. Evil is circling, looking for a weak point to attack. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries are not usually ones to sound the alarm about big-E “evil,” because these sorts of things are hard to quantify and they also can be different for everybody. But the message keeps showing up about needing protection, about defenses being down or otherwise vulnerable, and that Venetian mask keeps coming out of the charms bowl. Something is interfering with your ability to manifest. Call on your protective allies, your gods, guardians, guides, and ancestors, and ask them for help. The danger is real, so be careful out there.