Daily Draw: X Wheel of Fortune and Eight of Earth

Reach out and grab the opportunities that come for you today, whether they look like the brass ring or an important email or even a chance to boop Lakshmi on the nose (check out the picture; the hand of The Arm landed right on Lakshmi’s nose 🙂 ). Take whatever comes today with a generous heart and a good sense of humor, because it’s all silly and wacky and bizarre and none of us get out of here alive, so remember we’re all in it together. Pay attention to what you’re doing, and don’t be afraid to do the grunt work you need to do to keep things moving along. Leave behind what isn’t working for you, take action where you can (and be honest!), and be sure to let yourself laugh as much as you can. Breathe and be a part of the day.


Daily Draw: Fjörgyn and Audhumla

For the last few days we’ve been up to our ears in the masculine principle, the passionate testosterone-fueled movement that creates, generates, and activates. Now however, we’re being given a little breather. Take advantage of the time, even if only for a few moments today, to breathe, ground, and center yourself. Take in the nurturing from the outside world: here in the northern hemisphere the air is getting softer and more fragrant; in the southern hemisphere it’s developing a sharpness and edge that clears away clutter. Let yourself breathe it in wherever you are. Notice the changing colors and shapes of things around you, and see how the animals, birds, insects, fish, and reptiles are changing their movements with the seasonal shift. Move with it, as gently as you can today. There’s no need to bash around right now. Take mindful steps and pay attention to where you’re going and how you’re getting there.


Daily Draw: Wings and Lotus Fire

Today’s draw is an admonition to get back to work. The distractions are really not helping right now. You need focus, energy, and drive, and that can’t happen with Instagram and Facebook pinging away at you every few minutes. Turn the distractions off and think. What do you need to do? What have you been trying to accomplish for months? Do you have a plan? Don’t freak out if you don’t; freaking out won’t help. Just take some deep breaths, get yourself a nice hot cup of coffee or tea, sit yourself down, and get to work. Plan it out. Make lists. If you’ve already got your lists made, pick one thing to do, then do it. Work through it and get it done. Then pick another thing from the list and get that done. And then another, and another. You can daydream later. For now, you need to fight the urge to drift and stay firmly rooted in the here and now.


Daily Draw: Three of Wands and Five of Swords

First off, darlings, your Oracle is going to Pantheacon in San Jose, so divinations will be intermittent over the next four days. Pantheacon yay!

Ok, now for this mess. There is SO much going on here that it’s going to be hard to focus today. You’ve worked hard and gotten yourself ready to face things, but you’re being pulled in multiple directions simultaneously and that’s not good. Get your protective shields up, root yourself in your traditions and good habits, and answer meanness and petty problems with a big smile and an overpowering, “No Problem!” attitude. You can handle anything they throw at you, and you have more help than you know. Don’t trust the naysayers, and let their worries and fidgets be their own problem, not yours.


Daily Draw: Memento Mori, Apple Blossom, The Sword

Yeah, this is good. And just. And right that it should be so. Things die, ideas fade, people die, everything changes. This is the way of things, and it’s good. The year is coming to an end, and renewal is on the horizon. That poison you were so afraid of, that shadow that terrified you? There’s medicine for you there. Be careful with it, of course, but don’t be afraid. It will help you shed what’s dead and move on in a lighter way into the future. These new steps lead to that victory you’ve always wanted and hoped for, that magic you’ve wanted to create and become a part of. These steps you’ve started taking will lead to new and better opportunities. Keep going, remain on the straight and narrow path (no cheating), and stay within the boundaries of solid ethics.


Daily Draw: Queen of Wands and V The Hierophant

Today’s draw is going to be short and sweet, darlings: your Oracle finally finished clearing out her storage unit yesterday and she’s beyond exhausted now both emotionally and physically. So let’s see here: The draw today advises us to stay away from women (or female-energied folks) who are too bossy or overbearing, or if we can’t, then shield ourselves around them. The energy is too frantic, to wound up and driven to be processed right now. Get those shields up and keep them up. Rely where you can on fairness, justice, and the sanctuary provided by quiet reflection. Go inward for peace, and if you need to, let someone else set the rules for today and just go along.


Daily Draw: Green Woman, Gylfi (the Quest), and Iduna (Renewal)

The human heart is a strange beastie, my friends. Sometimes it may feel like an alien being is driving you, something you don’t understand and wish would go away. Don’t wish that, though. It’s your heart, and it wants what it wants. Your happiness depends on it. Today is a good day to get outside if you can, or if you can’t, to cultivate the “outside” within you. Go in search of what matters most to you. You’re on a long journey anyway, so taking some time to just breathe and listen won’t matter except to your heart (and it’ll give your mind a break). You are so beloved, my dears. We forget that. We tend to think we’re all alone on this walk of life, but we’re not. Our ancestors are with us every step of the way. They could be blood ancestors or ancestors of affinity (or both!), but either way, they’re with you, guiding you, and they think you’re the bomb. So relax. Your search will end successfully. But for now, rest, recuperate, and take in those healthy foods and drinks that will nourish you best. Breathe in the outside.