Daily Draw: The Dragon and The Tree

Today’s draw bodes well for making things happen. There’s auspicious energy all over the place. Don’t look too deeply into the roots of things, though: some mysteries are meant to remain mysteries, at least for now. Allow the unknown to remain unknown (just for now) and get your work done. Dig into those projects, strike while the iron is hot, and have faith that you’re doing the right things. You are beloved of your ancestors whether you have a relationship with them or not, and you are the product of the love of thousands whether you believe it or not. And also branchy-branch. ūüėÄ

Deck: “A Curious Oracle” by Holly DeFount


Daily Draw: Tree, Memento Mori, and The Fountain

Today, we flow. No matter where we are or what we’re going through, we flow. Keep moving. You are rooted in a deep and sacred lineage, and the best way to honor and work with it is to acknowledge it. Give honor and respect to your dead, but also to the dying year. Take a minute and look back at what you’ve been through, what you’ve accomplished, and what you’ve failed at as well. Don’t judge or be mean to yourself (or anyone else). Just observe your successes and failures, and see with compassion the successes and failures of your ancestors and family. We all do the best we can with what we’ve got, and while some of us seem to have ancestors who were assholes, it’s still of most advantage to us now to offer them compassion as much as we can, if for no other reason than to free ourselves of the family curses so that we can move on. Because that’s where this reading is going: we have great creativity available to us, and the sorrow and pain of our lineages creates a richness of human experience from which we can draw in creative, healing ways. The Wheel turns, driven by the flow of life: day¬†into night into day, life and death and life, over and over and over again. See the flow with compassion for all of us who are in it. Take a larger, longer view, and give yourself and everyone you touch the gift of forgiveness.


Daily Draw: Tree, Two of Vases (Connection), Impeccable Virtue (The Empress)

Today’s draw brings great harmony and deep connection with Ancestors (which is actually the subject of today’s #30DaysofHecate by the way). The way the charms fell is stunning today. The arrow of bright and brilliant thought is enmeshed in the crown and pointing at the crown worn by Tara¬†Sermo Sonam Tobche, the Great Golden Lady Who Increases the Power of Merit, She Who is Impeccable Virtue. And the Karma Coin is at the roots of our Ancestral Tree, our lineages.¬†We are working out and off ancestral karma as well as our own, and everything is connected over generations. Even if you don’t like your people or don’t know them, you are affected by their lives and actions. How we live our lives matters; the choices we make every day matter. It’s important to keep the sacred fires of the self lit, and to move in the direction of making your dreams a reality. Continue to move inward along your journey of development, following the path in the dark with your lantern held high (this is another nod to Hekate, the lightbringer–She carries the lantern and brings light to¬†the darkness).


Daily Draw: Tree, Snotra (Virtue), Loki’s Punishment (Guilt)

Our ancestors, our lives, come with baggage. This much is true for all of us. We are not pure good or pure evil; we have elements of both in our lives right now and in our ancestry. The trick is to emphasize and elevate the good and make amends for the evil as much as we can. Take steps toward forgiveness today where you can, and keep your mind set on the goodness you’re capable of. The heart is the key into our lineages, into our families and our history, so follow it. Let yourself love and grieve, and allow for the possibility of forgiveness where things are darkest. Be guided by your own pure heart, and not the crazy news and angry admonishments toward hate and fear coming at you from the Internet. Be good because you already are good.


Daily Draw: Tree, The Sword, & Honeybee

Today’s draw is a special admonition to recognize your innate, inborn authority and to act on it. You have every right to hold your head high, so do that. You are winning whether you recognize it or not, but you need to pay attention to what is not obvious. Ask yourself what you’re not seeing, what you’re not recognizing. Share your good fortune with others, but keep your shields up. There is a very fine line between sharing what you have with others and giving everything away. You don’t want to give it all away. Let others give back to you, and let yourself be recognized for the good you do. Now is a moment for flow, so receive as well as you give.


Daily Draw: Tree, Lily, Twilight

You’ve crossed the threshhold and are moving into new territory. This is great because you’ve been able to get through whatever the last passage was about for you. It’s done (although the door behind you is still open, so beware any tentacles coming through to grab you and pull you back in). Moving forward is all about trusting your intuition, doing what you think is best for you, and not getting frozen by feelings of being overwhelmed or frightened. Keep moving. You can try to peer through the dark–everybody does and it’s fine and normal. But don’t let the peering slow you down. Some things you aren’t meant to see. There’s a reason many animals are blind at birth. You’re on the right track, so just go and keep going.


Daily Draw: Compass Rose & Tree

The stress you’re going through now has a purpose. It’s not just some random stuff being flung at you by universal forces who enjoy watching you suffer (as much as it’s entertaining to think so). What is non-essential is being burned away. What will only weigh you down in the future is being removed. Go within for guidance on how to handle it, and how to best protect yourself from attacks that maybe previously would have just bounced off you but are now doing some serious damage. Get help from your ancestors, your people–and if you don’t have an ancestor practice, call on people who have been through something similar (or worse) and come through the other side.