Daily Draw: Moonrise, Eight of Cups, Knight of Cups

Today is a good day for reflection in both inner and outer worlds. Think about where you are right now and what’s gotten you here. What have you learned through this journey? What lessons have you been taught by hardship? This is a simple reading: empty out your packs and look at what you’re carrying. What does each thing mean? What can you release? What do you want to take with you going forward? Is it in alignment with the lessons you’ve learned? If not, cut it loose. And remember: each person you meet today is going through some part of this process just like you. So be kind.


Daily Draw: 8 of Cups, Unn

Today’s draw is about having the guts to cut away and leave behind what is no longer good for you. This is not a happy-making draw, which is a bummer, but there you go. You’re dragging around your dead and you need to bury them and move on. And it’s not just you: there is a family history of doing what you’re doing, thinking you can fix it or change it or somehow make some good come out of it, or maybe you’ve been taught to think that it’s your place, your purpose in life to carry everybody else’s burdens and sorrows. What pained your mother must also pain you. What terrified your father must also terrify you. Fuck that. End it. You don’t need to be burdened by what burdened your ancestors. They had their own battles and you have yours. You may fight them in the same ways, but you can learn from their mistakes. In fact I’m pretty sure that in most cases they’d WANT you to learn from their mistakes. Let the Divine Breath blow through you and rattle away what’s dead like the north wind through the remaining leaves on a tree in late autumn. Cut it from you when you hear the rattling, and let it go with both hands. Walk forward. Move on. It’s time.


Daily Draw: 8 of Cups, Unn

Today’s draw is about moving on and having faith in your dreams and what you want. Find the light and follow it. The rune Kenaz, the “Torch,” came up yesterday and it’s here again today, as is The Sun charm (which also came up yesterday—I’m drawing from a bowl of almost two hundred charms, so you can calculate the odds of a charm appearing multiple days in a row [I’m terrible at all things arithmetic so I’ll leave it to you all to do for yourselves ;-)] ). The choices you make to move on are blessed, so go. Walk in the light, and be truthful and just in your movements. Do right by yourself and others. Act and speak with integrity, and pay attention to the signs as you go. Today is a lucky day.

8 Cups Unn