XVII The Star

Daily Draw: XVII The Star and Mother of Fire (rev)

As the news breaks this morning about the death hours ago of musical genius and icon Prince, the Star appears to remind us that life continues and flows into, around, and beyond even the stars themselves. We are all here, alive in this plane of existence, for a measured amount of time, and none of us knows when or how we’ll leave. Follow your light as best you can, and rage if you must but remember to not take your fire out on others. Be judicious in your dealings with others, especially in business affairs, and keep your emotional reality under good control as much as you can. Be guided by the cooler influence of the mind today. Think things through.


Daily Draw: The Star (Nott)

Good morning, friends. Today’s draw is Nott, The Star. She guides the way out of the darkness. Take heart, my dears. With the charms falling the way they do here and the rune Ear signifying transitions and passages into and out of darkness, we are guided to have faith. Where is your heart? The Home charm falling right next to the Quest Die set at “Where?” which has fallen right on Nott’s heart leads us to ask if home is truly where the heart is. What do you love more than anything else? How can you make your home more inviting? You are in process, in transition. The web is being woven around you. Make your world beautiful today.Give yourself gifts of beauty. Anything to help you hang on through the dark.

XVII The Star Nott & Ear