Daily Draw: Moonrise, The World rev. (Jormundgandr), and Nine of Cups (Bara)

You are doing good work, so keep at it and protect what you’ve created so far. Your ancestors are with you, guiding you and helping you see the path beneath your feet. We are entering a full moon phase, so clarity (or at least some better kind of understanding) is coming. If you celebrate the ritual and spiritual side of Samhain (Halloween), you know that this Saturday evening is New Year’s Eve, and next Sunday the first of November is New Year’s Day. The Wheel is turning and the seasons are shifting from the phase of the sun to the phase of the moon. We are heading into darkness, but it’s a place where our wishes may be granted. Goodness is coming into being, and it’s important to see where our treasures lie. New treasures or treasures that we thought were long gone but have reappeared will be washing up from the depths and coming back to us for a second chance to work with them, so watch for those opportunities and take advantage of them when they arrive.


Daily Draw: Thistle, the Nine of Cups, and Vidar (Prudence)

There is a sense in today’s draw that we need to remember that we are all in this for the LONG haul. What we do, what we wish for, what we think and plan, reverberates outward in all directions across time and space, and it does so faster than we are born and reborn. We are affected by our thoughts and the thoughts of our ancestors in ways we cannot imagine, so mindfulness and prudence are very important. It’s also important to remember that negativity can be caused by others seeking vengeance against us for past misdeeds that we might not even remember. Karma (which concept the Druids embodied in the Ogham stave for the Elder tree, seen in today’s draw below) is always in flow, always bringing our past back to us. Make amends. Don’t wallow in wasteful shame. Be mindful of what’s yours and don’t be afraid (or too proud) to ask for forgiveness. Your destiny is a good one and you’ve earned it, so don’t let it be lost to pride, guilt, and shame.IMG_3652

Daily Draw: 9 of Cups, Bara

Today’s draw is about what you do for yourself and what you do for others. Take a good look around you: what are you doing to forward the dreams of others? And what are you doing to move your own dreams forward? Are they in alignment? Or is working for others actually contrary to doing what you need to do for you? This is tricky, because we all have to do things we don’t necessarily want to do. The wisdom here is knowing where the line is between pouring everything you have into work for others at the expense of your own work, and instead doing what you need to do well but having enough left over to advance your own particular vision and goals. Find that line today, my dears. Cut away that which is draining too much of your energy, and focus on what’s important.