Daily Charmcast

Daily Draw: Odin and Tyr

Ok, yeah. Yesterday was full of the gentle but insistent Grandmother energy that nurtures but also consistently pulls one toward growth. Today, not so much. Today the Emperor is in play, the full-blast God Force that is taking none of your shit whatsoever. No whining will be allowed; there is either doing the thing or going home (and actually the going-home part is not even an option so don’t ask). So DO THE THING. Use your head, figure it out, and get it done. No corner-cutting, no easy-way-out; don’t even try it with these Powers. They represent the blazing, unflinching Eternal Eye that’s sort of like the Eye of Sauron only not evil. They watch and judge and exhort us to be our best, most ethical selves as we do what must be done in our lives — and They’re not asking us to do anything They haven’t done themselves, which is the core of ethical leadership. So focus, take a deep breath, and get it done.


Daily Draw: Fenrir and Widar

Today’s draw warns us that no matter what the world is doing outside (and it’s in the middle of some ridiculous gyrations at the moment, April Fool’s Day notwithstanding — oh, and we here at Muse’s Darling Industries don’t do April Fool’s Day, so everything in this divining here is straight up and not a joke), it’s critical to keep your feet on the ground and rely upon your own wisdom and strength. Follow your heart. It’s fine to get advice from others, but it’s also fine to ignore that advice once you receive it. It’s your life, your destiny, your future. Do your thing, and try to not get swept up in the madness swirling around you. Fenrir represents the untamed monster within us (among other things), and Widar is the force needed to conquer Him. As a matter of fact, in the Norse legends of Ragnarök, when Odin is killed by Fenrir, Widar is the one who avenges Odin and kills Fenrir by crushing the wolf’s skull under His giant boot. Widar is an exemplar of silent, efficient goodness, of mastery and skill that’s not wasted but only brought to bear when it’s needed. Let that be your guide today: don’t get dragged into the drama. Watch and wait, and move when your time comes.


Daily Draw: Ask and Embla, Origins

Today’s draw is a reminder, friends, that we come from somewhere. We didn’t just appear here or wake up one day in diapers. I mean, the parent sex is all fine and everything and without that we wouldn’t have a suit to live in, and it’s awesome that we do, but there’s more going on than that. We must remember that we have deeper roots than we can possibly imagine as we’re running errand after errand, fixing this and paying for that, doing all these essential things for living here that have very little to do with where we come from. Now, I know that being a sacred, magical star being doesn’t pay the bills. I get it, believe me. I’m in that whole “need to pay bills and I don’t have a steady source of income oh my god you guys” space myself right now, so I understand. But I think I’m being reminded with this reading, and all you guys are being reminded too, that there’s much more going on here than just the bills and the worry and the errands and the taxes and all the other things we need to do just to survive. There’s more. So maybe spend just a little time today tapping into that Source somehow: take a few deep breaths, slow down, or maybe do an affirmation or two about the ancient nature of your ancestry. Whatever works for you to help you remember that you are more than your problems and errands. You are more than your to-do list.


Daily Draw: Green Woman and Wings

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it! And for all of us, may this new season bring freshness, new life, and new sources of joy. 

Today’s draw is a great reflection of this: reach out for the natural world today. Get outside if you can and let yourself float along the energetic tides of this Oestre/Ostara/Astarte celebration. Have a walk and nibble an egg, listen to your favorite music, and just flow. Don’t let yourself withdraw into escapist thinking no matter what’s going on around you. Problems will be problematic no matter what we do, and solutions or new ways of working within the limitations will make themselves manifest. Let go of anxiety and worry; it’s not useful right now. Focus on the moment and be mindful.   

Daily Draw: The Torch and Mercury Rising

Today’s draw is a warning to not rush into anything without checking into it thoroughly first. Make any decisions you need to make after doing your due diligence, not on the spur of the moment. New opportunities and changes are here, but they’re not all good or solid. Some seem like great ideas, but they don’t have the groundedness or experience necessary to be the foundations of a solid life. I read an article from Medium.com this morning about lessons an entrepreneur learned in starting up his own business and why it was a horrible learning experience for him. His expectations and the expectations of others were all out of whack, and that’s something that everyone needs to examine before starting in on anything new. Focus today on what works best for you and what you need, and let the outside world do its thing on its own for now.


Daily Draw: The Sword and The Dragon

Today’s draw indicates a manifestation of long-term ideas and plans, something that has been in pieces for a long time but is now beginning to draw together into a more visible whole. Focus on what you really want from your life, how you want to spend your days and nights, what matters most to you, and what constitutes prosperity, wealth, and a happy life for you. Don’t go by someone else’s definitions: define those qualities for yourself in a clear-cut and down-t0-earth way. Then see what you can do with what you’ve already got at hand to make these things happen for yourself.


Daily Draw: The Cock and Phoenix

Today’s draw (which comes a little late, apologies; your Oracle had a date with the dentist) is a powerful one for setting and firmly establishing boundaries and foundations. Good fortune and opportune timing abounds today, and taking time to refresh those wards and shields is a good idea. Use the energy you’ve previously put into old things to bring life to the new. Let the ashes of the old nourish and provide the foundations for the new. Let go of what’s gone, and understand that if you’re not done with it (or if it’s not done with you), it will come back around again. This is all a cycle within a cycle within a cycle, and everything has its time.


Daily Draw: Mudra and Wings

Today’s energy is a continuation of yesterday’s, with a significant difference in that whereas yesterday’s vibe challenged us to express ourselves creatively and to reach out to others with our own special way of co-creating the world, today’s energy contains a bit of a warning to watch out for how others express themselves. It may be less advantageous to you than you’d hoped, and there may be more of a Trickster at work today than a Helper. Retreat when and where you can to what matters most to you, your Source, your light, and batten down the hatches. The media is awash with bad news from other parts of the world, and it’s important to acknowledge that news but to not take it too thoroughly to heart, especially if it doesn’t affect you directly. Disconnect from social media if you need to, at least until you are more grounded and better shielded, and focus on protecting yourself today.


Daily Draw: Mudra and Green Woman

Today is all about opportunities for self-expression and the authentic use of our creative faculties. Look for opportunities to share your particularly glorious brand of crazy goodness because god knows the world needs it. And if you don’t know what to do, get outside. Go for a walk, or if you can’t do that (because a lot of us have those kinds of jobs that don’t involve green space or any patch of environment), find a way to move around a bit. Find an empty cubicle and do some stretches. Put your earbuds on, crank those jams, and march in place. The idea is to get you moving. A new season has arrived (either spring or autumn, depending on where you live), and change is definitely afoot today. Get into the swing of it by literally getting into the swing of it. Make it uniquely your own, and keep your eyes open for new opportunities to let your freak flag fly! Be you, darlings.


Daily Draw: The Anchor and Lotus Fire

Today’s draw is about source and beginnings in lots of ways. You are rooted in where you came from, and cutting yourself free from that is kind of a fallacy. I mean, here’s the thing: we here at Muse’s Darling Conglomerated Industries have been getting rid of an entire storage unit’s worth of stuff over the last eighteen months or so, so we understand about how stuff can weigh us down; and of course getting free from our past selves is a worthy goal if that’s what one wants to do. We all must shed our past skins in order to grow, after all. But there’s an entirely different kind of rootedness to source that has nothing to do with the stuff we’ve accumulated along the way. There’s a rootedness that represents who we truly are beneath the layers of life we’ve become buried under, and it’s that that is being activated and energized today. Co-create your life with the energies around you, and have faith in where you come from and what you’ve been through. There’s a reason for it all — and I don’t mean that in the trite “new age” way. I mean that the reason for our experiences is to work us in the crucible of life, to alter us, to burn us to ashes so that we can be born anew as something different and more glorious, but that still is made up of the ashes of what went before.